Faith Turner feels like a motherless child when her yearn to have a relationship with her mother goes unheard. The lack of love and support leaves Faith confused and vulnerable. But when Faith meets her father Mark she feels like he completes the missing puzzle pieces that were missing all along. Faith now feels like there is hope and begins to move forward in her life with her dad by her side. When her dream begins unfolding into an unpleasant nightmare; Faith discovers secrets about her mother and the betrayal she has caused and finds herself backed into a corner with nowhere to turn. Shadowed Forgiveness is the story of a girl who finds herself caught in between a war of love and family and what is most important to her. She must be willing to let go of the past to heal her open wounds; instead of being shattered by her own feelings.

About the Author

Jana Nicole Pauldo who is also nicknamed, The Princess of Literature has been writing since she was in the third grade where she first fell in love with her pen. An avid reader she is in school to become an English Professor and plans to transfer to NYU to continue her education and attain a Bachelor s degree in Journalism. At only 24 years old, Ms. Jana is also branching out to other avenues where she can make the world a better place. Currently Jana interviews other talented and inspirational people that she features on her blog. She plans to continue writing books and is also at work on her first television show. She has so much in store and is prepared for her career path and where it is heading. The sky is the limit and you can have whatever you dream.