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May 18, 2021

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Dear Wolfpack --

Thanks to your support the Green Apple Dine & Donate was a success! Our orders raised $350 for Reed, but Green Apple's awesome owner, Thomas, is going to round up to $500!!! Please be sure to share your appreciation for their support and generosity the next time you are dining!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 19 from 8-9:30 is also the Reed Education Workshop with Ms. Queenie Johnson, M.A., hosted by PTSA and FIHP. This zoom conversation is about ""What Do Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Really Mean And How We Can Talk To Our Kids About Race, Racism & Privilege", and it is open to our community! Please be sure to share & invite any friends you feel might benefit! REGISTER AT:

The new Reflections Theme for 2021-2022 has been announced-- "I Will Change the World By..." Entries are not due until October 15, 2021, but students can get a head start on their entries now and over the summer! There are a couple new rules changes for this year that make is easier to submit for music composition and some additional formats that will be accepted for film/dance too! Check out the article below for details!

It's also Mental Health Awareness Month and we've got some resources for you!

Have a great week!

Workshop Time!

"What Do Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Really Mean And How We Can Talk To Our Kids About Race, Racism & Privilege"

Walter Reed Community: Join us Wednesday, May 19 from 8-9:30 this for a dynamic zoom conversation led by Ms. Queenie Johnson, M.A., about diversity, equity, and inclusion; what we can do every day for social justice; and how we can talk to our kids about race, racism, and privilege.

Ms. Queenie Johnson, M.A., is an award-winning entrepreneurial visionary, educator, leadership trainer and founder of the School for Brilliant Thinkers, LLC. With over 20 years of experience in private, public, home, charter and corporate education. She develops customized training programs to help you think an perform better as a parent, teacher and student.

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Reflections Theme 2021-2022: I Will Change The World By...

This upcoming year's Reflections Theme will be "I Will Change The World By..." Entries will be due October 15, but students can get a head start now and through the summer! Wondering what Reflections is? Check out this video....
National PTA Reflections Introduction

Rules Reminders & Changes:

Remember, only 1 student may create the work and be recognized as the artist, but others may appear in the artwork itself.

All entries must be original and created for the purpose of the program and theme. Students should use the artist statement to express how their entry relates to the theme.

Students may submit in multiple categories AND multiple entries per category.

NEW - * DANCE/FILM FORMATS: Students may submit dance and film in .mp4, .mov, or .avi formats

NEW - * MUSIC COMPOSITION: Alternative to Music Notation -- Starting this year, students may submit a written reflective statement in place of music notation!!! A Reflective statement should address questions such as the following:

  • What creative and musical decisions did the student make to achieve the final version of the piece?
  • How were the musical elements developed?
  • What equipment was used (if any)?
  • What sounds and/or musical ideas were used to represent certain ideas or emotions?
  • How were the students' create and musical decisions influenced by their expertise, context, and expressive intent?

NOTE: For the photography category, images may contain words, but words cannot be overlaid in post production. That would enter the work into the "visual arts" category instead.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949, the United States has observed May as Mental Health Awareness month to increase the identification, understanding, treatment, and compassion for mental health issues. Here are some resources to help your family learn more about Mental Health month and to explore Mental Health resources through Reed, PTSA, and LAUSD. There are also additional resources from the presentation at the last Reed PTSA meeting HERE.
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Pre-Orders end May 22nd! Pre-order YOUR yearbook NOW! This yearbook will truly be one of a kind, don't miss out!

Have a student interested in joining yearbook next year? Applications are due by May 22nd. Click here to apply!

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Workshop to Learn about LAUSD High School Graduation Requirements 5/20 @ 10 am

8th Grade Culmination Live & In Person!

Check out the details in the flyer!

Parent Workshop Slides from April


Interested in volunteering on campus, please see information below. Contact our parent / community representative Myriam Arechiga at

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Friends of IHP - (For families in the IHP program)

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