Rodan + Fields

Salon & Spa Partnership Opportunity

Rodan + Fields Fits Seamlessly Into The Salon Environment

As a salon and spa business owner, you have an immense opportunity with a Rodan + Fields partnership because of your built in network. Your clients are invested in “how they look” and willing to spend money on it. They pay for your hair services, therefore, I’m sure they pay for skincare. Typically, when you sign on to sell a product line in your salon, you are expected to pay upfront for inventory at a wholesale price and then stock these products, costing you at least $3000 out of pocket.

But let me ask you this:

  • What happens if the products don’t sell? Who absorbs that cost?
  • What happens if customers return products they don’t like? Who absorbs that cost?
  • What kind of money are you making off that one sale?
  • What if you could benefit from that one sale every time they reordered it, whether or not they ever came back to your studio?
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Why R+F Belongs in Your Salon or Spa

At a Salon, we understand your main focus is providing a service that keeps customers coming back because they look better. But why not offer a product that gives them great skin too?! One stop shop for looking their best. Rodan + Fields products are cruelty free, Peta approved and follow all FDA guidelines. Our packaging is environmentally responsible and with the exception of two products in the acne line, our products are completely vegan.

Our business model would mean nothing without an incredible product. Which is why we let our products speak for themselves with before and after pictures and testimonials from our customers. Most see results before it’s time to order again. With proven results and a 60 day money back guarantee, we have a very happy customer base that is growing daily.

The four Regimens are:

  1. SOOTHE for Sensitive Skin including rosacea and eczema
  2. UNBLEMISH for Adult Acne
  3. REVERSE for Skin Brightening for Hyper- pigmented or Sun Damaged Skin and
  4. REDEFINE is our revolutionary Anti-Aging line

Our hero tools include:

  1. MACRO E - a hand-held, deep physical exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion
  2. AMP MD - utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits that can give you smoother, softer skin after just one use paired with our Night Renewing Serum (retinol and peptides).
  3. ACUTE CARE - Starting in January 2015 - for expression lines, which is a patch you wear overnight that delivers hyaluronic acid and peptides directly into your wrinkles, while you sleep, mirroring the result of a filler without the needle!!

What This Means For You

By partnering with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, you can continue your daily routine while providing an additional service to your clients. We know you are busy, so integrating a new product line into your business needs to be streamlined, simple, effective and profitable. Simply display the products in your office with a sign (which I’m happy to help you create) and an iPad for them to take the solution tool which directs them to the appropriate products based on their specific needs and when they want to purchase, they can either enroll themselves on your iPad or you can help sign them up on your R+F website. The products are shipped directly to their house. I suggest a digital photo frame with your product display that shows before and after pictures. Get their attention while they wait!

Key benefits:

  • Minimal startup cost (under $1000) with monthly costs of $100 - includes custom websites and personal product replenishment for self use or samples
  • Products come with an empty bottle, 60 day money-back guarantee. Any product issues, exchanges or returns for the customer can be directed to the corporate Customer Service Department
  • RF Connection on-staff Dermatological Nurses for your customer’s questions
  • Training & office setup provided by your representative (me)
  • No Inventory to Stock
  • Monthly residual revenue stream through the PC Perks program, which gives your clients free shipping and 10% off the retail price, along with member only specials.
  • Share this with other offices so you can benefit financially from their efforts as well!!

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A Quick Note On The Rodan + Fields Business

Our doctors were named 2 of Forbes Top 50 Successful Self-Made Women in the company of Oprah, Beyonce & Sheryl Sandberg. Impressive list and our Drs allow us to partner with them to build a business of our own. Women supporting women at its finest. The TODAY SHOW featured us as the new wave of direct sales in a segment showcasing moms and entrepreneurship. Allure did a 10 page spread on us as the Social Networkers and highlighted Rachel Cannon (our team's leader) as a frontrunner for the company with her savvy use of social media and quickly growing team. Rodan + Fields has been featured twice on Fox Opening Bell where they talk about social commerce as a platform to get their product out through consultants like us, empowering women with entrepreneurship! June Opening Bell Video and August Opening Bell Video.

We are the fastest growing premium skincare company 6 years in a row - growing at a staggering 106% annually with our closest competitor growing 2-4%. We are the #4 largest premium skincare company behind Estee Lauder, Clinique & Lancome and quickly closing in on that #1 spot with companies established over 60 years ago while we launched in 2002. Rodan + Fields made Women’s Wear Daily’s Top 100 World’s Biggest Beauty Companies in 2014. We’ve received coverage in Forbes and Fortune showing we are not only a great skincare company but a brilliant business model.