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May 2022

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What is the best homemade black fly repellent?

Mint, spearmint and peppermint are great deterrents for black flies. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to your body lotion, to the final rinse of your laundry or just dab some on your clothing. Applying essential oils directly to skin may cause reactions or rashes. If you have one please let us know and we wil post in the next update.

Creating the Looniverse

Lee Attix ( AKA the Local Loon Ranger) shows us how to decorate the nesting platform created by Charley and Susan Golder. We are hoping the loons find it as a happy home this year. Last year, we had the first Loon hatching on the lake in a long time. We all remember Fuzlee . We could have had 2 loons if the pair had not nested at the end of a point right at the edge of the water. We hope that this year the platform will give them a safe place to nest on the back side of striped rock. We will let everyone know if this happens.
Loons React to Platforms

Close Encounters of a Loony Kind

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I Got the World on a String

Creator of the Looniverse

Do Platforms Work?

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Wildfowl Realtors : New Listing : Studio Apartment for Rent

Conveniently located studio apartment nest on popular central Maine lake. Only a few paddles from fresh organic food sources, including trout, bass, perch and aquatic vegetation. All ulitities included plus wall to wall moss carpeting , swamp grass, and soft wood furniture. Perfect nesting site for the right pair of Common Loons. Egg and eagle insurance available. Inquire within.
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One Small Thing: May 7th Green Up Day

Though I was the only who showed up at the dam on Saturday, I was not disappointed. I stuffed 4 plastic bags in my pockets and started collecting cans and bottles along Maine street on both sides. When I filled the first bag(1 of 4) and left it at the side of the road, I assumed I would go back later with my car and pick it up when I finished the route. Little did I know that a woman in a red truck had beat me too it. (See video) You see when you do something good, people notice and are attracted to what you are doing.

Each abandoned rusty can becomes an opportunity to feel good about doing something. One small thing.

I learned this from my hero Pete Seeger, who by coincidence, would have been 100 years old on May 7th 2022. The first time I met him was in Seabrook NH . He was walking on the side of the Rte 1 picking up cans and bottles. He wrote the best song ever written about garbage back in the 1980’s. (see below) This song was written at a time when few knew the word” sustainability.” Faith is the belief that the good draws itself to the good. That’s what I learned on green up day.

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Garbage. by Pete Seeger

Mister Thompson calls the waiter, orders steak and baked potato
Then he leaves the bone and gristle and he never eats the skins;
The busboy comes and takes it, with a cough contaminates it
And puts it in a can with coffee grinds and sardine tins;
The truck comes by on Friday and carts it all away;
And a thousand trucks just like it are converging on the Bay, oh,

Garbage (garbage, garbage, garbage) Garbage!
We're filling up the sea with garbage (garbage...)
What will we do when there's no place left
To put all the garbage? (garbage...)

Mr. Thompson starts his Cadillac and winds it down the freeway track
Leaving friends and neighbors in a hydro-carbon haze;
He's joined by lots of smaller cars all sending gases to the stars.
There they form a seething cloud that hangs for thirty days.
And the sun licks down into it with an ultraviolet tongue.
Till it turns to smog and settles down and ends up in our lungs, oh,

Garbage (garbage...) Garbage!
We're filling up the sky with garbage (garbage...)
What will we do
When there's nothing left to breathe but garbage (garbage...)

Getting home and taking off his shoes he settles down with the evening news,
While the kids do homework with the TV in one ear
While Superman for the thousandth time sells talking dolls and conquers crime
Dutifully they learn the date of birth of Paul Revere.
In the paper there's a piece about the mayor's middle name,
And he gets it done in time to watch the all-star bingo game, oh,

Garbage (garbage...)
We're filling up our minds with garbage
Garbage (garbage...)
What will we do when there's nothing left to read
And there's nothing left to need
And there's nothing left to watch
And there's nothing left to touch
And there's nothing left to walk upon
And there's nothing left to talk upon
Nothing left to see
And there's nothing left to be but
Garbage (garbage...)

In Mister Thompson's factory, they're making plastic Christmas trees
Complete with silver tinsel and a geodesic stand
The plastic's mixed in giant vats from some conglomeration
That's been piped from deep within the earth or strip-mined from the land.
And if you question anything, they say, "Why, don't you see?
It's absolutely needed for the economy," oh,

Oh, Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!
There stocks and their bonds -- all garbage!
Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!
What will they do when their system goes to smash
There's no value to their cash
There's no money to be made
But there's a world to be repaid
Their kids will read in history books
About financiers and other crooks
And feudalism, and slavery
And nukes and all their knavery
To history's dustbin they're consigned
Along with many other kinds of garbage.
Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!

Copyright: Lyrics © Original Writer and Publisher

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Canadian Goose Babies Sited on May 8th

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Bunny for Sale. $25

Name : Gremlin. See Hope 619 Maine street and pick up a dozen eggs for $3.00 while you are there.
Friends of Lake Keewaydin

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Are you interested in preserving our beautiful lake and its creatures for generations to come? You may want to join FOLK :Friends of Lake Keewaydin. Contact Adam at for more information.
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order to go at AJ’S. 928-2454

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One stop shopping for honey and bees!

Take West Stoneham road and bear left onto slide in road. Follow the signs to the honey.
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Ghost Float Who does it belong too?: Please share this photo with other residents.

Each spring the high waters often dislodge a float from a Keewaydin Residents beach. The photo above shows such a float. If it’s yours go to Checkerberry Cove on Ban Grover Road to retrieve it.
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Loon River Wider than a Mile …

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Ruby Throated Humming Bird

Photo by Ralph Fletcher
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Happy 10 month Young Birthday, Baby Brooke!

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