Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Pteropus rodricensis


  • Kingdom Anamalia - There are 9-10 million creatures on earth in this class
  • Kingdom Mammalia- there are 5000 creatures in this class placed into 26 orders
  • Order Chiroptera - bats make up 20% of earths creatures
  • Order Cingulta - This group currently is made up of armadillos, 2 toed-sloths,2 toed-sloths, and anteaters
  • Phylum Chordata - singe, dorsal, hollow nerve cord
  • Class Sarcopterygii - lobe finned fishes and terrestrial vertebrates
  • Subphylum Vertabrata - paired kidneys that allow them to drain waste from them
  • Family Pteropodidae - animals in this class are known as the Flying Foxes

Addaptations and General Description

Physical and Behavoral Addaptations


1. This animal hunts in something called a Roost which is a large group of bats and they do this to find food faster

2. They eat only fruits, leaves, wood, bark, and stems,etc


1. This animal has a gold reddish brown head then rest of body is completely black

2. This animal hunts with sight and smell not echolocation

General Description

1. this animal weighs up to 3 1/2 lb

2. head and body up to 16 inches

3. Wingspan 1-6 1/2 ft