Come Join Us At The Wild Times Zoo!

Where the animals always want you to have a good time!!!!!!!

the special day is coming

the time is coming when are new animal exhibit comes. Its the new primate exhibit comes the zoo! Everyone is talking about these new animals coming and joining the zoo family.

Zoo times and address.

Sunday, March 1st, 8am to Friday, Nov. 20th, 9pm

101 oak street, green bay, WI 54313

Come to the wild times zoo for some family fun and times you wont forget. maybe if your even lucky when you come you can see the animals doing crazy stuff that none of the others have seen before. our prices for visitors are children 9 dollars and parents 12 dollars.

places to go in the zoo

the primates exhibit the new exhibit in the zoo.

The penguin exhibit they will so you a good time

The big mammal exhibit those big creatures will make you want to come again.

The small mammal exhibit these cute animals will make your kids love the cite of these beings.

The aquatic animals watch as these amazing animals do tricks or act like there in their natural environment.

the big cats these cats may be fierce but also adorable at the same time.

the reptiles and amphibians might be gross but fascinating at the same time.

don't forget about the other animals

don't forget about the other animals will you are there stop and give them a visit the birds, the aquatic animals, the big cats, the amphibians, the reptiles, the primates, the large mammals, the penguins, and the small mammals.