The Colt Courier

April 1, 2020

Principal's Message

Thank you all for meeting with us virtually. It was great to see all of you and hear the great things you are doing for our kids. Again, I truly understand now why SFES is the best school in the district. Enjoy your Spring Break!



The Week Ahead

Week of April 6th

Monday-Spring Break

Tuesday-Spring Break

Wednesday- Spring Break

Thursday- Spring Break

Friday-Spring Break

School News

  • I mentioned Spirit Week in last week's news. Mrs. Williams did a flyer that I will send to families next week, so don't worry about telling them.
  • Paper packets will not be collected until at least the beginning of round 3.
  • Remember that all plans are due by April 3rd.
  • April 14-15 Virtual Planning.
  • April 16-17 packet pick up.
  • The Grant deadline of April 10th is quickly approaching. Here is the link with the information for writing a grant. Please let me know as soon as possible if you will need a letter of support from me. If you want me to write a letter, you will need to let me know by this Friday.
  • Census data ensures our schools receive their fair share of resources. Ensuring every resident in South Carolina is counted during the 2020 census will help our schools for the next 10 years. Please go to and complete your census today. Share this post and tag three friends challenging them to complete their census! #CountMeInSC #SCCounts2020

  • This is the message I sent to parents regarding a parade. I know this is a disappointment for some, but know this decision doesn't come lightly.

    Teacher Parade

    As I mentioned in the previous newsletters, SFES will not be participating in a teacher parade at this time. While we would love nothing more than to see our students, but we made this decision based on keeping our families safe and healthy. Other schools have decided to do them or not to do them based on their students and teachers. Our zone includes many town-homes and apartment complexes in which it would be almost impossible for families to view the parade without crowding together. We want to take seriously the Governor’s orders to have no groups more than three and encourage our families to stay safe with social distancing. We are going to err on the side of caution to do what is best for our school family. With over 1,000 cases in the state and almost 60 in York County (with many being in 29715), we feel this is the best decision. We promise to hold a parade when everything is safe and we will continue to send videos to show the kids how much we love them. I apologize for any disappointment and wanted to clarify our decision. Thank you for understanding and please let me know if you have questions.

    Adam Fantone

Quote of the Week

“We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.”
Bill Watterson

And it's a great day to be alive
I know the sun's still shining
When I close my eyes
There's some hard times in the neighborhood
But why can't every day be just this good

--Travis Tritt

Happy April Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

April 5th- Grace Haruska

April 8th- Matthew McCurley

April 8th-Haleigh Strayer

April 10th- Yara Ahrar

April 12th- Mary Raines

April 17th- Roberta Martin

April 23rd- Jenn Hawkensen

April 23rd-Meghan Love

April 28th-Monica Burke

April 29th-Jennifer Antley

April 29th-Sarah Baird

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Jessica Williams for putting together the Spirit Week Flyer. -Fantone

  • Shout out to Nikki Letterhos for working on the video for the kids. -Aaryn, Sarah, and Adam

  • Shout out to Aaryn for the lip sync idea.-Fantone

  • Shout out to Sarah for organizing folders for eLearning. -Fantone

  • Shout out to the entire staff for going above and beyond for your kids. Aaryn, Sarah, and Adam

SES Teacher Website

Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...

Virtual Staff of Excellence

Teacher Winner-Will be announced tomorrow!

Support Staff Winner-Will be announced tomorrow!