28/08/2013 Baheja Ishak

Bus falls off bridge in Claymore Springs

On the 26th of August, A black Samoan Van was hit off a bridge by another bus that swerved around a midget that was standing in the middle road. The black Samoan van was stopped just next to the midget on the bridge in Claymore Springs. One of the students that was on the black Samoan Van got out to see why the midget was standing in the middle of the road. Apparently the midget was standing there because he was waiting for someone to stop so he can try and sell them drugs.

Out of no where another bus coming the other way towards the black Samaon Van. The bus driver of the other bus didn't see the midget until the last minute and swerves around the midget and hits the black Samoan Van off the bridge and makes the all the kids in the van all scattered in the forest underneath the bridge. Ben is still up on the bridge with the midget. he was speechless but the only thing he could say is "Where is my Maccas?".

People from Tv came and interviewed Ben, the witnesses from the other cars driving past and the parents of the four kids excluding Bens parents. Alot of the witnesses were saying that the driver of the bus that swerved was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The driver has still on the run and has not been found. Police are on the search for the driver of the bus.