PNR Status Online

How to get your rail PNR status online?

As we are surging ahead on the path to progress, there is a rising need to travel. Hence the Indian railways have tried numerous ways and means to ensure that our travel experience is better. In the wake of the modern world, the railways have devised a new solution for passengers which are known as the Indian rail PNR. This is used to check the ticket status of passengers who have booked their tickets with the Indian railway.

For the uninitiated let us shed some light on how this system works. This is designed to gather and store the passenger’s essential details such as the name of the person travelling, the age, the train name and number, the originating station along with the last destination and other relevant details. These details are then stored in a special database which then generates a unique ten digit alpha numeric code which is specific to a particular booking or ticket. This number is known as PNR, Passenger Name Record to be specific. Thus, PNR Status Check is a system by which a passenger can verify his or her booking status. For this you do not have to visit the nearest railway station or booking agent. The updated status can be checked from the comfort of the four walls of your home or even from your mobile phone. Thus, you can easily keep track of the cancellation status and the progress of your ticket in case it is in waiting list. The database is being updated ‘Live’ and hence you can be sure to get the latest updates just with a couple of clicks of the mouse or the keypad of your cell phone.

Countless websites have made provisions for users to do an accurate PNR Status Check and the mobile service provides too are not far behind. In lieu with various fixed land and mobile service providers the users can also get the latest updates by simply sending a text message to a specified number, and viola! Within a matter of seconds the users receive updated information about the PNR Status.

This is reflection of how India is progressing in all aspects including technology. Computers are no longer a luxury and even the common masses do not hesitate to use them in their day to day lives. What better example can be given as compared to PNR Status Railway, which is presently being used by endless Indians with or without specific technical skills? This virtual connectivity is a true blessing for those traveling. Frequent travelers will in fact vouch for this system which has eliminated the need to go physically to the nearest station or travel agent. Thus, the need for a middle man or agent is eliminated and gives the travelers the liberty to independently check the latest and updated status of their ticket confirmation at their convenience. The web has no time constrains and hence you can even get the latest updates at midnight if you wish to.