Educator as a Researcher

Creating Social Presence

Creating Social Presence in Our Online Classrooms

How do we create a warm and inviting online classroom experience?
How do we effectively connect and engage with our students?
What tools help us communicate most effectively with our students?

Brown Bag Lunch and Conversation

Monday, Nov. 25th 2013 at 12-1pm

4575 Wilkinson Road

Victoria, BC

Join us for the first in a series of conversations about what good teaching looks like in an online world.

Come prepared to share your ideas!


What is social presence? What does it look like? (5 minutes)

How are we currently creating social presence in our online classrooms? (20 minutes)

Blue Sky: What else could we be doing? (10 minutes)

What are the skills and tools we need? What tutorials would you like to see offered? Who are our resident experts? (15 minutes)