More free jewels for YOU!

Shine in September!

Remember every $1,000 in sales for Sept. = $100 in free product credit for OCTOBER!

Hey Erika!

I hope the school year is off to an amazing start! How much fun was Avalon? Seriously...we have a blast together...these girls weekends must continue!

So, home office is offering the following this month that I'd love for you to capitalize on...

1) every 1K you sell in Sept gets you $100 product credits to use on the new holiday capsule!

2) Sponsor in Sept. and if your new gal has 2 qualifying shows within her 1st 60 days, you get $300 in free product credits! Sponsor unlimited!

Here's what I'm offering in addition to that....

A layering bracelet from the brand new holiday capsule collection that will launch next month if you sell $2308!


If we become a STAR TEAM this month, I will reward YOU with a $100 plane ticket voucher to see SCOTT!

Jewels for thought...

Have 4 trunk shows in September plus maybe even host one of your own if you haven't yet and look at what you will get:

for example: Sell $3000= $300 in free jewels, a layering bracelet from me & 30% commission!!!!

If you host your own show you will also get all of the hostess rewards on top of that!

That's $500+ in free jewelry! Sponsor someone and sweeten the pot to $850!

I think you can do this!

Here's what I suggest...

Warm up 20 people via email and or facebook by sharing the September hostess special boutique as well as the 50% offs for Sept. customers...mention that fall is busiest season with highest sales, which means more jewelry for your hostess! I would take 2-5 people a day and copy and paste your note to each not to reinvent the wheel. Make sure you use words like, "I'd love to do a show for you" "It's super casual" "We can do a style makes me happy hour after work" and most importantly "I'll follow up with a phone call in a few days to see what you think". I think the last quote is most important because it takes the stress of calling off you b/c she knows to expect your call PLUS you get a yes or no! Believe's only mean you're closer to a YES!

Also, try lending out the jewelry to some friends...I sold over 1K last month lending out jewelry and didn't move from my couch...little effort got me $200!

I want you to make as much money as you can so when you make the jump across the pond, you're set with money and bling!!!

I'll give you a call Thursday or Friday to see what you think:)