Invention Contest! Explore it!

Week 24

This Week's Mission: Explore It!

Investigate Inventions and Ideas of the past!

This Week's Mission: Explore It!

  • Watch the voicethread presentation!
  • Conduct your research!
  • Add your research results to your google slide presentation!
  • Include at least 2 resources!
Click Here to Watch the Voicethread Presentation!

Step 1: Watch the voicethread presentation to learn all about this week's mission!

StartCreating! ClickHere! InventionContestSlides

Click file, make a copy, add your information! Click the T to add your text!

Research Tips!

  • Did you know that PALCS has a virtual library to help you with your research? Click HERE to access it!
  • Remember, even if your idea has been invented before, don't give up! Think about how you can improve or change the invention!
  • Listing your resources doesn't have to be hard! Just write down the name of the website you used and copy the URL address! Or write down the name of the magazine article or book you used and the author's name! Or write down the name of the person you asked!


  • Week 1: Think it!: Last week's mission!
  • Week 2: Explore it!: This week's mission!
  • Week 3: Sketch it!
  • Week 4: Sell it!
  • Week 5: Create it!
  • Week 6: Try it!
  • Week 7: Tweak it!

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See you in cyberspace!