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28 August 2019


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I often share how I love my arrival to school each day and the walk from the car park to the Administration building. The routine of the walk is highlighted by usually the same students in the same places saying hello and checking in. Another part of the routine walk is the timing of meeting Ben Vickery and Caleb O'Byrne who proudly raise and fly our three flags each day. Without fail, Ben and Caleb attend to this special role every morning. This commitment and the respect they show for the protocols of flying flags are characteristics we treasure at Prendiville. Thank you Ben and Caleb for being outstanding role models.


Our staff and parent community at Prendiville are very committed and talented and always seek to support students achieve their very best. Being honoured for their commitment is certainly not the reason that people give so much to our community, however it is wonderful when public affirmation does happen. This week has been one of those weeks where staff and parents have been celebrated. Here are just a few of those special moments to share.



Congratulations to Mrs Denny Piovesan, our Parents and Friends Chair for being recognised with an Catholic School Parents WA Award of Excellence for her commitment, positive energy and leadership of the Prendiville Parents and Friends group.

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Everyone at Prendiville knows Denny and she is loved by all in our community. For five years Denny has been the Chair of our College P and F and has played a big role in bringing community spirit, belonging and a sense of welcome to Prendiville. Denny has also been in the background supporting just about any College event. This recognition is well deserved and on behalf of the Prendiville Community we say a huge well done and thank you to Denny.




Earlier in the year, nominations were invited from educators and educational institutions from across the State to recognise and acknowledge educators who have made a significant contribution within Western Australia in the fields of chaplaincy, ministry, service learning and religious, ethics, philosophy, values or spirituality education.The College has received notification that the WA Branch of the Australian Association for Religious Education (AARE) wishes to confer on­­­ both Cheryl Lennox Bradley and Paddy Delvin a State Award in recognition of their exemplary contribution and service. The panel were impressed with the passion, endeavour and achievements achieved by both. The presentations of these Merit Awards will be made at the Annual Dinner and Awards Evening at Trinity College, East Perth, on Thursday 19 September.


It was a special morning for some of our leadership students and who shared morning tea with Archbishop Tim Costelloe on Friday. the students presented the Archbishop with a BIG cheque which represented theproceeds raised by the community for LIFELINK over the past 12 months. The figure of $26 550.00 is the single biggest school donation received from a school which highlights the generosity of our students when it comes to supporting charity.

After the presentation the Archbishop served the students morning tea and had a great conversation with them all. They asked questions and the Archbishop shared his journey with them. He affirmed them that he was inspired by their attitude and conversation so optimistic about the future church because of young people like them.

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I am pleased to share that the ENTERPRISE aspect of our FLEXED program has been given SCSA Endorsement. This will mean that our students participating in the Program will be able to achieve WorkPlace Learning credit. This is a big step for the program and could not have been achieved without the commitment of staff to the program. Mrs Lynn Vroombrout must be given special mention for the time and effort put into multiple applications to ensure all requirements were met for endorsement.


On Sunday we all have a chance to celebrate great men in our lives who have helped model and influence each of us in some way. I hope that Father’s Day can be a time where families and friends can come together to celebrate.

For your children

Mark Antulov



Year 12 written examinations for ATAR courses commence on Monday 7 October (week 2 of the school holidays) and conclude on Wednesday 16 October.

All students will be issued with an individualised examination timetable. A copy of both the Master Timetable and the Examination rules are available on SEQTA.

As a general rule students are only required to attend school when they have a scheduled exam. The exception to this is those VET students who have not met all Units of Competence. These students will be required to attend school unless the parents have been informed otherwise by their child’s VET teacher.

Full College uniform and grooming standards apply to all students whilst on College grounds during the exam period.

If a student is absent due to illness a Medical Certificate will be required. Parents also need to contact Ms Leck on 9301 6293 on the morning of the exam. Please leave a message if unattended. Students will be required to sit the exam once they are well enough to do so.

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Now in its 26th year, the Angelico Exhibition is the most significant event on the Visual Arts calendar for Catholic schools, showcasing creative artworks by students from across Western Australia.

There are over one hundred and fifty artworks from thirty Catholic schools on display at the exhibition. Due to the high number of entries each year (each school enters six artworks); to pick up a single award at this event is an achievement in itself. Last Tuesday night, for the six artworks we put forward we received three awards, two of which were major category prizes.

Georgia Scarfo received a Highly Commended for her sculpture, Broken Armour. Madison Snelling (Year 11) won first prize for her sculpture in the General 3D category (Years 11 & 12) and Kaide Wheelock (Year 11) won the Phil Somers Sculpture Award. It's the third year in a row that a Prendiville student has won the Phil Somers trophy - an achievement which is unprecedented in the history of the award - and the second year in a row that one of our students has won the Best 3D artwork at Angelico.

Congratulations to all the students, and thank you to Mrs Bryant, Miss Whitby and Ms Stuart for your continued guidance and support of our Visual Art students.

Well done to Cleo Gregory (Year 11), Jordy Carrasco (Year 12) and Joneth Remoto (Year 12) for also having work selected for the exhibition.

The Angelico Exhibition continues until the 30th August and can be viewed at the Forrest Centre, 221 St. Georges Tce, Perth.

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META 2019

Congratulations to Tahlia Arnison (Year 12) for being selected for the META exhibition at North Metro TAFE this month. Her artwork, "Insidious" was one of only seventy-five works selected from hundreds of entries from students across Perth. To be selected is a huge honour. Well done, Tahlia.

Eamon Matthews

Head of Subject Area - Creative and Digital Arts


Congratulations to Zachary Valuri (Yr 11).

Zac won the GOLD Medal (South Metropolitan Division) at the World Skills Regional Competition last weekend for wall and floor tiling.



On Friday 16th August, the Prendiville English Department had the great privilege of hosting renowned storyteller, Andy Wright. Originally hailing from England, and currently residing in New Zealand, Andy travels the world delighting and educating students with his retelling of ancient and well-known narratives. Andy’s visits have become a highly anticipated annual tradition, with our older students fondly recalling his storytelling prowess.

Students and teachers alike were held in suspense, and mesmerised by Andy’s mastery of physical storytelling. Many students jumped in fear and surprise as the story unfolded, right until the final words – “…and Lord Fox was never seen – in Scotland – again.”

I’d like to thank English HOLA Garth Harris and the Year 7 English staff for their support of the incursion, the photographic expertise of Mr Steve O’Connor, Mr Tim Collins for stepping in with his audio-visual brilliance, and the students themselves for their outstanding behaviour and enthusiasm.

Below lies a snapshot of the many positive responses we have received from our Year 7 students and we look forward to Andy’s return to the College in 2020.

Alex Monet

I enjoyed Andy Wright's performance because he described it really well, but not just with talking, he described it really well with actions too. I also enjoyed Andy Wright's performance because you could tell that he was really passionate about what he was doing, and that he loves telling stories to people. Could Prendiville arrange another one, please?

Poppy McIntosh

I enjoyed the humour of the incursion; it was very funny at some points. The story was engaging and he had us at the edge of our seats, and although towards the end you could tell when the jump scares were coming, most people (including me) still screamed each time. The story was very gruesome, and Andy made sure of that by including actions. Overall, I really enjoyed the performance.

Michelle Colfar

English Teacher

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Having studied Euripides Medea earlier this year, it was with eager anticipation that the Year 11 Literature class sought to attend the Black Swan Production of Medea at the State Theatre on Saturday 17th August.

The production was an interesting interpretation from the perspective of two of the minor characters and much of the plot was relayed through insinuation. An entertaining representation of the very modern setting, related more closely to contemporary audiences. The performances were authentic and convincingly conveyed the theme of family dysfunctionality. An original interpretation would have been helpful as a study aide but the creative rendition was appreciated.

We would not have been able to undertake the excursion without the support of the Departmental staff and parents and the parents that supported the excursion. The students were exemplary; a credit to themselves and Prendiville Catholic College.

Arwen Huttner

Medea was an enjoyable experience and it was interesting to see the story from a different perspective, although this did mean that much of the original play was only briefly mentioned.

Madison Snelling

It was a really beneficial experience to see something we have studied in a real life production, especially when viewing the play from a modern context.

Maya Callaghan

It was a very eye-opening experience to see such a modern adaption of the Ancient Greek play. We all had a great time!

Dawn Wellsted

English Teacher


A Final Farewell from an Italian Exchange Student

In the last newsletter we forgot to add Davide Lanzi’s goodbye to Prendiville. Apologies Davide – here it is:

If someone in the future would ask me "what did you enjoy most of Australia?”, I would answer, “I enjoyed the animals and the nature, but the thing I enjoyed the most was the school”. Because Prendiville isn’t a normal school. It is the school everyone would like to go to. And not because you don’t study (trust me when I say you have to study hard). Because Prendiville has fantastic and professional teachers, a lot of extra-school activities and students ready to help. When I arrived here I was worried I wouldn’t have friends to talk to. I was wrong! The students and teachers never made me feel uncomfortable and my school mates treated me as one of them since the first day we met! I couldn’t wish for better friends. So I have only one thing left to say: Thank you Prendiville!

Year 9 Italian Excursion at the Bocce Club

On Thursday, 22nd August, the Italian Department had the joy of taking the Year 9 Italian students to the Laguna Veneto Bocce Club in Dianella. Students had the chance to complete part of their Christian Service Learning hours helping out the club members while being immersed in an authentic Italian speaking environment. They learnt how to play the traditional Italian game of Bocce and tasted the delicious pasta club members cooked for them. Testimony of how enriching and entertaining this excursion was for the students are in the notes below written by some of them:

This experience was really good. Not only did we do some hours for Christian Service Learning but also had a taste of some traditional activities. We connected and bonded with the people who put together this amazing place and had a feel of what is at stake if we don’t carry on the Italian traditions. All of the students have taken something home today – a piece of history, a part of the heritage or even the amazing pasta.

Spending the day at the Bocce Club was lots of fun. I have learnt how to play bocce and communicate with people better. I learnt about the history of the venue and the people there. It was so good and people were very nice. One even helped us answering the quiz questions and it was really funny. The pasta was great.

Today was very fun and entertaining. The Italians there are very nice and have fabulous English. The club is very well built, it looks so cool. I surprisingly enjoyed the weeding because it was relaxing. The pasta is extremely delicious as well as the ice cream. I had a lot of fun and playing bocce was so fun.

In my opinion the Bocce Club was amazing. I really liked inserting myself into an Italian based place as it allowed me to really understand more about the Italian culture. My bocce instructor was Harry and he was very nice. Another amazing thing about the Bocce Club was that the food was delizioso!

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Science Week – 13th – 16th August 2019.

What a great week for Science at Prendiville Catholic College. The College had a number of activities over the whole week to coincide with this national event. The theme this year was “Moon and Space” in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing in 1969. Activities included lunchtime activities such as Wacky Demos, sherbet making, escape room with Year 1O and 11 students and a visit by Amy Wild Adventures with her reptile show.

In the week before Science Week, we ran an Astronomy Night where students were able to see our moon and also Jupiter and its four main moons with the college telescope. Also in Science Week, we had a daily quiz and a special morning tea with a space theme for all College staff.

A special thanks to Mrs Josephine Storch for all her work in coordinating the weekly events with amazing support from all staff especially our two lab technicians Belinda Speed and Megan Grasby.

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Kepler Science Project Night 2019

To coincide with Science week, was the annual Kepler Science Project night for Year 7 and 8 students on the Wednesday night. It was fantastic to see so many parents come along to see all the wonderful STEM creations by the students. We congratulate the students for all their efforts and hard work. It was a great night.

Thanks go to Mr Adam Giannasi for coordinating the project work over the last few weeks and all Year 7 staff for their work with the students. Also thanks to all other staff who attended the evening.

Winners of the best projects voted by all those that came along via mobile phone are…

· Ms Jovanoski's class - Claire Castlehow

· Mrs Owen's class - Theo Macfarlane

· Dr Van Der Kwast's class - Trinity Willigen

· Mr Ford's class - Layla Morell

· Mr Kanakis' class - Tamzyn Calder

· Mr McAuley's class - Thomas Mulligan

· Mr Adam Giannasi's class - Ella Brooks

· Year 8 overall project winner - Declan Cassidy

Finally, we thank the company 'Fresh Frontiers' for their donations for the evening's sausage sizzle barbecue.

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Champion Schools Surfing Titles

The Surfing WA Metro 4 surfing titles were held on the 21st and 23st of August. Prendiville took 21 students to the event, entering boy and girl teams in both categories of bodyboarding and surfing.

The boy's competition took place on the 21st August in fantastic conditions at Trigg Beach. The boys enjoyed the sun and amazing surf all day. Senior boys, Ben Hillen and Jacob Pidhirnyj, made it through to round 2 of the Senior Boys Bodyboarding. Jacob again also made it to the quarterfinals of the Senior Boys Surfing with partner Zachary Scullino. Caelan Liddiard-Hawley and Jake Campbell advanced to the semifinals of the Junior Boys Bodyboarding only to be harshly knocked out by one point to Quinns Baptist College. Declan McDowell and Taj Singh also participated in the Junior Boys Bodyboarding and eventually met Quinns in the final. They were awarded first place, showcasing some outstanding bodyboarding. Declan and Taj will represent Prendiville next week at Trigg Beach on September 3rd to take part in the State titles against the best junior bodyboarders from all across Western Australia. Well done to all the boys who competed on the day and we wish Declan and Taj the best of luck next week.

The girl's competition took place on the 23rd August. Due to high winds and large swell, the competition was moved to Leighton Beach. The girls were placed against very talented opponents and were faced with harsh conditions. Chloe Aylward and Neve MacLeod made it to Round 2 of the Senior Girls surfing competition and eventually were eliminated against a talented Ocean Reef Senior High School team. A big thank you to all the girls, they did not complain about the rain and wind the entire day. A big thank you also to Ms Mayer and Mr Williamson who help supervise the teams and made sure all competitors were at their heats on time.

Prendiville Volleyball

WA Volleyball Schools Cup - Senior

The Year 11 and 12 Volleyball students from Prendiville competed in the WA Volleyball Schools cup over the past weekend. Out of the seven teams entered, four of them were successful enough throughout the round robin stages to qualify for the finals. Unfortunately, the Year 11 girls, Year 12 boys and the Year 11 PE Studies boys fell at the semi-finals stage. Congratulations though to the Year 11/12 PE Studies boys who won a closely fought contest against Servite to take out the gold medal in the Open B Division.

WA Junior Volleyball League

Well done to the Year 11 Girls Volleyball team who played in the WA Junior Volleyball League each Friday night throughout Terms 2 and 3. Playing against tough competition each week, and with many of the schools fielding teams in Year 12, the girls did a fantastic job in finishing in 8th position. The girls have continued to display commitment to improving their volleyball skills and should be highly commended on a great season.

Year 7 & 8 Volleyball Training

Volleyball training sessions are now being offered to Year 7 & 8 students for the first time in a number of years. This is a great opportunity for students to learn a different sport in an enjoyable environment. All students in Year 7 and 8 are invited, no matter the skill level. Training sessions throughout Term 3 will be offered on Thursday afternoons from 3.30-4.30pm in the school gym. No volleyball experience is necessary.

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Champion Schools Golf Competition

Congratulations to Faye Bradford, Lucas Eames-Butcher, Lachie Hall, Luke Walshe and Jayden Kane who competed in the Champion Schools Golf tournament. All students represented Prendiville with pride and placed well in the competition. A special mention to Jayden Kane who was the Year 11 winner.


The Prendiville Dance students are back with a spectacular new show that’s better than ever! The showcase ‘DUENDE’ will be presented on Saturday 7th September with two performances, a matinee commencing at 3pm and an evening show at 7pm. The showcase will be presented by Years 8-12, exhibiting a number of exceptional acts and complex choreography that is sure to entertain all ages. Book your tickets NOW (Adults $15 and student/concession $10). We hope to see you there!

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Introducing the new Prendiville Catholic College Careers’ Hub which can be found at

You can find careers’ resources, scholarships, application information and much more, plus you can sign up for weekly careers news from Study Work Grow.

We’ve also provided free Study Work Grow Membership for every student which you can activate through our Careers Hub. Please contact Mrs Clarke for the special school code to do this. Your membership includes access to all our Careers Newsletters, plus you get free access to many of Study Work Grow’s resources, such as their fantastic downloadable Guides.

If you have any questions about our new Careers' Hub, please direct message Louise Clarke.

This week's Career's news can be found here.


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Monday 2 - Friday 6 September - OLNA testing

Saturday 7 September - Duende Dance Showcase, 3pm and 7pm, Redmond Theatre

Wednesday 11 - Monday 16 September - Year 9 Kalgoorlie Immersion

Every Friday - Mass, 8am, Good Shepherd Chapel


The 2019 Vinnies Drive-In, Sleep-In on Friday 18 October at the Galaxy Drive-In Theatre, Kingsley invites families, friends and workmates to spend a night at the only drive-in theatre in Perth and learn more about the challenges people in our community face.

There is $95 registration fee per vehicle which goes towards the team fundraising target of $500. Funds raised support Vinnies services for Western Australians who are doing it tough. On the night participants can purchase items from food trucks and will watch Disney's "Toy Story 4" and Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" before sleeping overnight in their cars. Breakfast will be provided in the morning.

Register now at

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St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am


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