Citrus Fruits

By: Delaney Dvorak

Different types of Citrus Fruits

Who First Ate Citrus Fruits and Where?

  • The information cannot be entirely found for who the first person was to eat citrus fruits
  • There are many questions about who the first person was
  • Many people said that the Egyptians were the first people to discover citrus fruits
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Geographic Origin

  • Southeastern Asia (Malaysia)
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Facts about Citrus Fruits

  • Was introduced to Florida in the 1820's
  • Most grapefruit in the U.S. is still grown in Florida
  • Grapefruit got its name because it grows in clusters on the tree, just like grapes
  • The vitamin C in citrus fruit strongly enhances the absorption of iron in food

History Of Uses

  • 1840- Frontiersman William Wolfskill plants lemon and orange seedlings in what is now downtown Los Angeles
  • When the Gold Rush of 1849 hit, there was a huge demand for oranges in California because it was established that fresh citrus was useful in fighting scurvy (a disease that can occur if you lack vitamin-C in your diet)
  • 1893 Needing an effective way to market their citrus, farmers form the Southern California Fruit Exchange—a cooperative now known as Sunkist Growers
  • Today California's more than $1 billion annual citrus business ranks 2nd in the U.S., producing a significant share of the nation's navels, valencias, lemons, grapefruit and tangerines
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National Lemonade Day!

  • When- August 20th
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