Addie Raine

Yes or No?

There has been lots of arguments about whether vaccinations should be mandatory or not. You might think, well of course they should be mandatory! But some people that choose not to vaccinate have a good reason. Of course there are good things about vaccinations and they protect lots of people from getting sick. Some people have had bad reactions to the vaccines. Some kids have gotten autism as a result of the vaccines, and some kids have even lost all ability of communication for as short as a few days or weeks, or as long as a few years!

My Opinion

I don't think that vaccines should be mandatory, and that the parent should decide whether it is right for their child. Some doctors aren't careful enough when giving vaccines. One child went in for a vaccine and the doctor accidentally gave him and extra dose of the vaccine. by the time the child was three he was diagnosed with autism. one doctor spoke out and said, vaccines are unpredictable. They could work really well on one person, but not work on another, maybe even harm them! Doctors cannot predict which children will or will not be harmed.

Doctors can't predict which children will be harmed.

The Other Side

Some people feel very strongly about children getting vaccinated. Last year, Disneyland had an outbreak of the measles. 80 kids and adults got measles just because some people had not gotten vaccinated with the measles vaccine. Also, there were 98 cases of pertussis in Forsyth County this year, most of which were not vaccinated. There are definitely reasons why you should get vaccinated.