Sharlize Pena

Realistic Drawing

I can draw realistic faces off of another drawing or one of my own

the really good thing I can draw on a face would have to be the eyes.

Ever since I was 6 I just started drawing people and then that just turned into faces.

Realistic faces that is.

Ice Skating

What gave me inspiration to starts skating were these two very talented figure skaters from Russia and Ukraine (Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov).

Though I started skating when I was three and then just got better from there on out i stopped for a while and when i saw the two figure skaters skate I wanted to try it out again.

Playing The Viola

I am good well Okay at playing the viola in orchestra.

My favorite song to play would have to be Kelliwood Caper.

And the reason why i joined orchestra was because i just overall loved the sound of the strings and how it sounds all together.