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June 5, 2016

Team Updates, News and Notes from Heritage Flex Academy

Hello Heritage Flex Teachers! Last week was another busy one. Construction is well underway and the walls in the classrooms will be finished next week. Shawn and I are spending a lot of time meeting and talking with parents about the program. We love bragging about you and the teaching staff we have coming on board! Parents are very enthusiastic about the new school and we are working hard to fill it with students and amazing people. See Staffing Update Enrollment Update below for more detail.

Planning behind the scenes is happening rapidly and some issues need to remain confidential within our staff during the planning stages. Please keep staff news and school updates within our team. I will copy you on what I send out to families so that you can see what news is being shared.

With Gratitude,

~Sandi Knapp

Staffing Update

Welcome Heidi!

Please join me in welcoming Heidi Fikse to the team as an Academic Adviser! Heidi will be joining us soon and brings a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and working with home school families.


We are still interviewing for 4 Core Classroom positions. I appreciate the recommendations you are sending me and we are thoughtfully and purposefully making hiring selections to complement the team already in place. The positions are posted on EdJoin: https://www.edjoin.org/Home/Jobs?stateID=24&countyID=37&districtID=2743&searchID=182354. Feel free to share the link with with anyone you know who may be interested, but please don't share this newsletter in its entirety.

Administrative Assistant

We are still recruiting for this position. Just so you know what we are looking for, we need a highly skilled person with exemplary customer service skills and someone who can handle multiple projects and supporting a principal and teachers. If you know anyone who can run a front office and is a very friendly & nice person with a positive attitude, please let Shawn or I know. The position is posted on EdJoin: https://www.edjoin.org/Home/JobPosting/809535.

Set Up Your New ECHS Email Account

This is from Tech Support:

New Users:

The following user accounts have been created.

  • Jeanie Miller
  • Jill Thomas
  • Tanya Coe
  • Christina Earwicker
  • Marsha Keating
  • Heidi Fikse (your new user account will be activated after HR process meeting)

The email address and user name will consist of the first initial in their first name and their entire last name. The default password for both accounts will be Tigers*1. An example can be found below:

Jeannie Miller
Username: jmiller
email: jmiller@echs.org
password: Tigers*1

During their first login they will be asked to change their password. Password length should be 8 characters long and there should be a combination of at least one capital letter/lower case letters/ symbols/and numbers.
A new user would log into their email through gmail.com
They would need to supply the full domain example@echs.org Then input their temporary password.
If you experience any issues in regards to this please let us know.


Enrollment Update

As of Friday, June 3, we have 146 students enrolled with complete and submitted paperwork. I am going down the waiting list and hoping to have the last 15-20 spots filled by the end of next week. Starting Monday we are borrowing a temporary assistant from Heritage K-8 to assist me in entering the students into the SIS system. Please continue to encourage families you talk with to sign up on our waiting list by going to heritageflex.org and clicking the "Learn More" button at the top.

Demolition and Construction

Leadership & Inspiration

I know all of us are making MAJOR changes in our careers and work lives to move to Heritage Flex. I am so very proud of all of you for being brave and making a big jump to a new school. It will be a great place to work, and I want to encourage you to support each other, talk with each other, talk with me or with Shawn when you have questions or concerns, and most of all, let's enjoy this time of rapid change and building something new together as a team. The seeds you plant today will take root and be the blossoms of tomorrow, and your students are so lucky to have you.

With love and respect,


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Looking Ahead

New Website Coming Soon!

We started working on the new Heritage Flex website last week. I am slowly adding content with help from our Director of Innovation, Dayrll Johnson, who is also the mastermind behind the site. Eventually each of you will have a teacher page which will be linked to the site, where parents will go to retrieve the home study assignment grid.