How To Take Portraits

Photography basics

First Step: Get info

Figure out how the photo should look

If its a sports photo figure out and ask if they need to wear their uniform or something in specific

Is it just a portrait or a COB? this needs to be known so you know what background to use

If its a COB try to get a background that contrast the person.

If its just a portrait try to get a cool little background
(my fav is a brick wall as the background)

Second Step: Lighting

Make sure your lighting is well balanced

If the skin color of the person is more on the fair side adjust your camera settings so that the person doesn't come out reflecting the sun and looking absolutely white.

If they have more tan-dark skin once again adjust your settings so that they don't come out too dark where you cant recognize their key features.

(open the window blinds if needed. Natural lighting is gorgeous)

Third Step: Focus

Make sure your focus is really crisp and nothing comes out looking blurry

If this is difficult to you switch your settings to Auto-Focus

Try to hold the camera very steady and if available use a tripod

Final Step: Take the shot

Take the photo as best as you can and take a couple of the person doing different poses so that the people making the spread have options to choose from.

Make sure to ask the yearbook staff where they want the photos uploaded so that they can easily access them.