PD - Special Needs Reflection

Laurie Lombardi


After reviewing the Special Needs resources found in the Teacher Toolbox, I chose three areas that going to benefit me with two special needs students I currently teach in Precalculus. I decided to reflect on ways to use information about the following three resource topics:

  • Extended Time for Assignments
  • Use of Natural Reader
  • Weekly Check on Progress

I currently teach a student who has limited proficiency speaking and reading English. For this reason, she is allowed extended time on her assignments. Her work is due by the Monday after each grading period. She is also allowed time and a half on timed assignments. Here I have included an screenshot of how I set up her special access to the assessments.

When I emailed this student regarding her accommodations, I included the following link to a helpful document on how to use Natural Reader. It looks like a very helpful resource for students who are learning English. I was glad to have this resource to send to my student.


Weekly Check on Progress

It was helpful to get ideas on things to do when checking on weekly progress for a special needs student. This past grading period I noticed one of my special needs students stated in a discussion to another student that he didn't understand the material in the current unit. When I emailed him to check on his progress, I encouraged him to email or call me when he is having trouble. I also encouraged him to attend my weekly office hours.

I attached to the email six resources that would help him with the material. Below is a link to the resources I sent him along with a link to the email I sent.

Good afternoon Sean,

I am just emailing you to check on your progress and to see if you have any questions.

I tried to grade your submission for the Task Using Right Triangles to Create the Unit Circle and you had uploaded the wrong file by mistake. Please upload the correct file as soon as possible. Also, I noticed in one of your discussion posts that you didn't understand some of the content. Please email or call me if you have questions. I also encourage you to attend the help session each Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. Below, I have included a link to some helpful resources. Please take a look and let me know if you still have questions.

Your scores on assignments show that you do well on the Tasks but not as well on Quizzes and Tests. Make sure you are spending enough time reading and working through the content material and then ask for help as needed before you take an assessment. Work has been graded so please check your grades and look at the feedback.

Here is the link to some helpful material: http://blnds.co/1wtswMg Have a great upcoming week!

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