Digital Citizenship

Advice for Teens

Digital Footprint: You leave a trail every time you go on the internet.

Tips: Do not share your password with anyone. Try to include numbers, letters and capitalize letters. Do not make it an easy password for people to figure out. Make sure you log off after going on the computer. Be aware of what websites you are going on.Do not give to much information about yourself on websites.Do not upload pictures that will affect you later on in life.Be aware of the pictures people tag you in online.Do not leave a trail that you will regret later on in life.

Digital Dirt: Videos, photos, and other content created by you and about you that are posted on the Interne.

Tips: You can simply go on google and type your name and search, you can then find images and videos of yourself, that you might have not even known about. You can clean up your digital dirt by tidy up your profile and personal websites. If friends have videos or pictures of you on that are bad or could be mistaken for something bad, ask them to remove them. After cleaning it up, have more positive things on your profile. It will have a better impact on you.

Private vs. Public Information:


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