Malaria in Africa

By:Carson Kramer

Effects of malaria

Most people worry about AIDS or cancer, but malaria is a serious disease too. Every 30 seconds a child under five dies. 85% of malaria victims are under 5 years old. The greatest country attacked by malaria is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A country that is infected by malaria will decease 50% in eight years. 85% of the worlds malaria is in Africa.

"AMREF Health Africa’s vision is for lasting health change in Africa. We want to see communities with the knowledge, skills and means to maintain their good health and break the cycle of poor health and poverty.

AMREF Health Africa is improving water and sanitation in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and South Africa. In Kibera and Kenya, we and local residents have installed latrines, bathrooms and water tanks. Results show improvement – cases ofdiarrhea and intestinal worms have dropped by about 70% in targeted schools. Improving water accessibility has reduced the workload for women and girls. This has increased school attendance for children and helped women engage in other income-generating activities.
Spot 2012 Stand Up for African Mothers AMREF campaign - english version


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Get involved

People can volunteer to help load supplies or can go to the rural countries. Also you can donate. You can give $5, $20,$50,$250 or more. Just $5 can save a life. With $5 you can treat a child with live threatening malaria. One last way you can get involved is You can also donate to AMREF via MPESA on your Safaricom phone number.
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