Season 2 Athletics

Good Afternoon SMS families,

This communication is for those that want to sign up for Season 2 athletics. Options include Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, and Football. *6th grade is only allowed to participate in Cross Country. If you are not interested in participating in athletics, please disregard this email.

Athlete families, Sorry for the delay in communications, the internet complications throughout Scappoose have caused plenty of upsets!

It is officially time to register for season 2 activities. Registration paperwork can be found at our middle school website under the athletics tab.

Registrations Include:

  • Registration sign-up/Permission,

  • COVID Waiver Form,

  • Yellow Card (required emergency information for coached to have on hand),

  • Current Physical on file at SMS (Physicals are required before participation and are good for two years)

All paperwork must be complete before your athlete can participate

Registration will be closed February 17th

*Note. If you registered your athlete for Preseason workouts, your registration is already complete. You do not need to register for Season 2. You will hear from your athletes coach after registration closes.