Room 406

Mrs. Hall's 3rd Grade 2015-2016

Congratulations to Leila Davis! She is our Student Lighthouse Classroom Captain! I'm so proud of our group of kids, their smiles and genuine excitement for Leila was so touching. This group of kids is truly a little family. :)

Don't forget to check out the Shutterfly site! It's so cool to see your kids in action! (link above)

As the weather gets cooler, please dress students in layers. I will do my very best to make sure they always wear coats, hats, mittens etc. out to recess.

Leader in Me

Next week we will go back to Habit #1, Being Proactive. We did a brief introduction of the 7 habits for the months of September and October, but now the real work begins. We will dive deeper in each habit for the remainder of the year. November will be all about BEING IN CHARGE OF OURSELVES!


We learned this week that empathy and sympathy are closely related! We can truly only have empathy for someone when we've walked in their shoes. We also looked at our character's actions. We noticed that our characters acted differently than we do! Next week we will use empathy to make predictions about how our characters will act.


Our rough drafts are in the works! This week we finished drafting our small moments. We also studied 2 different leads. One was a dialogue lead from Charlotte's Web and a setting lead from the book Owl Moon. Our writer's were asked to go back to their drafts and try a new lead. They were very successful! Next week we will add sensory details to our drafts and possibly even begin revising our endings. I'm hoping to have published drafts to share with you at conferences! (Nov. 10, 12) :)

Science & Social Studies

This week we tracked the journey of a boulder to clay. In between there are rocks, cobbles, pebbles, gravel, sand, and silt. It was a LONG journey, but we were able to act it out and really grasp the concept!

Our Social Studies time got cut short this week...we will resume next week as we continue to talk about the 5 themes of Geography.


I hope you enjoyed the math puzzles! I know the kids were really excited to come home and teach you our latest and greatest math concept. :) It is still a very hard concept for 3rd graders to grasp. Many of us still forget to keep the biggest number at the front of a subtraction problem. That's okay! We will continue to grow our strategies this year. Next week we will work with story problems again, now that we can figure out number sentences that have a missing number.

How to help at home:

  • Continue to skip count. Choose a random number and ask your child to skip count up OR backwards by 10's or 20's.
  • Keep working on math facts
  • Ask each night, "What was your favorite part of math today? How is your brain organizing math?"

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 26: Electronics Day! See Friday Folder!!!!

Oct. 30: Harvest Party 2:30, all are welcome!

Oct. 30: Boo Bash 7:00-9:00