Nurnberger News!

Second Grade

Thank you!!!

Thank you for all your support this year! We have indoor recess games, books, band aids, Clorox wipes, and great parties because of your generosity. Have a wonderful and super fun Winter Break!

Weekly Curriculum

Reading: Alaska: A Special Place & Rain Forests

Language: Helping Verbs and Quotation Marks

Spelling: Silent Letters: wr, kn, gn, mb, and sc

Math: Unit 7: Patterns and Rules

Social Studies: Maps and Globes

Science: Unit 3 Motion and Forces

Special Dates!

· 1/5 PTO Meeting 7-8pm

· 1/8 Gator Gear Day

· 1/14 Spirit Night Chick-Fil-A

· 1/18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

· 1/22 Family Game Night 7-9pm

Weekly Homework

Monday, January 4th:

Reading: Home-Connection Letter, Word Workout, and study spelling words for the test on Friday!

Math: Home-Link 7.1 Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s

Tuesday, January 5th:

Reading: Read Alaska, complete and sign bookmark

Math: 7.2 Missing Addends

Wednesday, January 6th:

Reading: Fluency and Comprehension Practice, In the Redwood Forest, (p.153-155)

Math: Home-Link 7.3 Who Scored More Points

Thursday, January 7th:

Reading: Comprehension Practice, Compare and Contrast

Math: Home-Link 7.4 Doubles and Halves

Weekly Spelling Words

1. comb 6. knife 11. music

2. crumb 7. know 12. don’t

3. scene 8. wrist 13. eat

4. gnat 9. writing 14. very

5. sign 10. scene 15. cube