What Is the Big Idea?

Reading and Deciphering Literature, for Fifth Graders

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LAFS.5.RL.1: Key Ideas and Details

Students should be able to determine the main theme or idea of a story and be able to back it up with supporting facts from the story. Students should also be able to quote from the text, compare and contrast different aspects such as characters from the story, and grasp the overall message the author was trying to state.

LAFS.5.L.2: Knowledge of Language

This one is easy peasy, students should be knowledgeable on how they use language in writing, speaking, and reading. Students need to be aware on how to expand or reduce their sentences in order to better present information, but also keep the reader interested.

Below are some websites that are guaranteed to help your student master these standards.

In Conclusion:

Online promotional flyers such as this one are good tools for student learning because they can engage the student individually. I personally plan to teach students anywhere from 2nd grade to 5th grade and I can see how sending students to a webpage filled with links or resources will allow them to choose how they want to learn, a crucial element to individual development. Groups can also take advantage of these flyers by designing their own and giving each other feedback on what they believe will be effective for anyone viewing it. I personally believe that technology, although some may argue it already has, will become commonplace in Education and hopefully benefit the students and the teachers. In conclusion please watch this short video and have a wonderful day.
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