Tech It Out! #27


May 1, 2015

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I saw this article a few weeks back and thought it was hilarious - let's remain light hearted in this final stretch of testing for the year!

17 Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring a Standardized Test

If you enjoy that article, be sure to check out her original 16 suggestions.

Be sure to read the comments section as well; other people have recommended equally hilarious ideas :)

This Week's Focus: PARCC Reminders & Updates

  • The District 57 website has been updated with EOY information. Remember, this is where you will find the link to Pearson Access Next and digital copies of scripts.

  • Remember to use the PARCC EOY schedule. This round of testing is only 4 days long. If you cannot find your schedule, see Randy for a new one.

  • If you're testing a small group and want to know which students you are testing, you can log in to Pearson Access Next and find your session. All teacher sessions have already been uploaded.

  • Headphones are NOT required this time around, though the script still references them for students with accommodations. All students who have text-to-speech accommodations will still need headphones.

  • You will receive a new PARCC EOY packet at Monday's staff meeting. This will include step-by-step directions as well as the scripts for ELA Units 1 & 2 and Math Units 1 & 2. If you want a sneak peak, you can see it here.

  • Each testing location will also have a copy of the PARCC EOY packet in case you lose or forget yours, and a copy of the PARCC Email Tips will be in the rooms.

  • 8th grade math - Apparently, there is a geometry question that loads a picture, but the picture does not show up. It gives a white space and the illusion that the kids need the picture to solve the problem when in fact they do not. It is a glitch in the testing system that they are working to correct. I don't know if it will be fixed by the time we test, so just be aware that this might come up.

  • Monday's staff meeting will be dedicated to PARCC, so any other questions will be answered there.