Gecko Sleeves!

Why you need the Gecko Sleeve.

I have invented a sleeve that comes in many different sizes, to put around all limbs. This sleeve will have a voice command in it, that makes the sleeve compress when activated by a certain code that will be said by the person. The sleeve will compress so hard on the limb that it will fall off, but the sleeve will immediately wrap itself around the cut off limb and give aid to it. The whole process will be completely painless. Each time a limb comes off there will be a new, fully usable limb that is exactly like the one you had before, at my store, so that you can immediately replace the limb you lost. This way when you get injured, you don't have to spend time healing your limb, you can simply cut it off and buy a new one. Also, when you are in danger and someone has hold of you by the limb, you can cut it off to get away.
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Not for the faint of heart.

If you are squeamish this Item is not for you. But if you are a hardworking person who lives life on the edge, buy this product immediately and you will be happy you did. Already millions of this product have been sold, so join the world in this party.