Speaker will know the audience

By: Jannett Mora

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Speaker will know the audience means...

The speaker will know the audience is defined as a speech law that means whoever is directing a speech to a group of people will know the different varieties of the types of people fall in.

Purpose of the law

The purpose of this law is to embrace the idea how there are different kinds of audience and how different kinds of audiences perceive different interests and ideas. This is because you're addressing differently to different groups of people, that being age spans, gender, experience-wise, etc and the ultimate goal is to satisfy their interests and grasp their attention.

What it sounds and looks like

Speaker will know the audience sounds differently for every audience. The ranges of different audiences varies from kids to teenagers and young adults to elders. Speaking to a child is obviously different than speaking to a young adult because a child isn't capable of comprehending as much as a 25 year old. Some elders may have a difficulty hearing or may possibly be stubborn so it's important to suit your speech to their best interest.

Tips and advice

Different groups of people:

  • For kids, you make speak in smaller vocabulary and show them colorful objects.
  • For teenagers, you may throw in "modern day" vocabulary or talk of things they're interested in.
  • For young adults, statistics, evidence, and intellectual information will be captivating (maybe even throwing in your interest in how college should be free)
  • For elders, explain and thorough explanations of how things work. Loud and clear!
  • For a group of victims of some sort, compassion and knowledge on what they're going through. Show them that they're not the only one. Motivation is key!

Don't forget! Research your type of audience before a speech.