VK English

Period 2 Monday Wednesday Friday


In this class we will read, WRITE, think, imagine, be curious, explore ideas, ask questions, find answers and solve problems. I know that you have a lot of great ideas, insights and experiences to share.

Don't worry if you think you are not good at reading or writing. You are here to learn! You don't have to be great at something to do it, and even enjoy it . Of course, the more you do something, naturally the better you will become.

Common Core Standards

  • key ideas and details
  • craft and structure
  • integration of knowledge and ideas
  • range of reading and text complexity


  • text types and purposes
  • production and distribution of writing
  • research to build and present knowledge
  • range of writing


  • conventions of Standard English
  • knowledge of language
  • vocabulary acquisition


  • initiate and participate in discussion
  • be prepared with information
  • set and follow group norms and goals
  • honor diverse perspectives
  • evaluate speakers point of view

GRADING POLICY (the five Ps)

Prompt - that means on time
Prepared - backpack, pencil, paper, stuff you need
Polite - treat the people, the place and the purpose with respect
Particpate - give it your best effort, take risks, push yourself to do it
Produce- get the work done, turn in work you are proud to share