My Booking dilemma this month!

What to do when you don't have trunk shows!

Tips on what I did this week when my trunk show calendar was empty!

Hi Ladies,

I shared with many of you that I had a bad month this month with my personal business. I was traveling, I was focused on fun things like book camp and training, and I dropped the ball on booking enough shows for April. It’s never fun, but it happens. When it does, it just takes a little bit of focused time and action to turn that around.

Thank God for April! I always love a NEW EXCITING reason to book shows. It tends to be a bit easier to book when we have a unique reason to reach out to past hosts, new hosts, and those who have said no in the past. This week I focused on the tools we have. I created a smore to send to my past hosts and some customers. I love SMORE because you can see the customers that open your newsletter. They are typically the most interested. I sent it out via email and I also sent out with a personal message via facebook chat with wording similar to what is below: (the more personal, the more likely I book shows when I follow up)

"Hi Jenn,

Hope you are fabulous and are excited for Spring Break! How are your kids and are you doing anything fun over break? We are all taking a vacation with the cousins and I am so looking forward to being in the sun with all the kids. I thought of you today because I know how much you love our collection and I know you have a big heart and love to give back. In April, S&D is partnering with the Hollyrod foundation to raise money for Autism and Parkinson’s through the sale of our Visionary bracelet. They are super cute and 100% of net proceeds go to Hollyrod. April is one of our best months of the year as women are ready to shop our new summer collection and they love to support a great cause. We all need something cute to update our summer wardrobe and some girl time! Let me know if you want to be one of my fabulous hosts and partner with me in April. Even if it’s super small, we will have a great time catching up. I’d love to see you! You will receive up to 25% of the sales in free Product of your choice, so you will get to shop for free which is always the best way to shop! I have Wed and Thurs nights and a few Sundays. Let me know what 2 hour window works best. You can also preview our current collection at I’ll follow up with you this week to see when you have a two hour window. Giving back and supporting important causes is always in fashion! J Xoxo Shaina”

After I send a personal message, and my attached newsletter I wait 24-48 hours and then call or text them to check in and see if they are interested. So far I have contacted at least 10 a day and have 4 on my calendar for April. I have a TON to follow up with as that is always key. You can’t wait for them to respond. You need to follow up and offer 2 dates and see which one works best. Remember, we are offering a fabulous night out with girlfriends and free Jewelry for hosts, we are not ASKING. Your excitement and confidence in offering versus asking is key.

I want to encourage EVERY STYLIST to book 4 trunk shows in April. Even if you are super part time, 3 hours a week at a trunk show can bring in a fabulous income while also raising money for Hollyrod. Every bracelet helps us do something good for others.

April could be the month you will meet your first new stylist and start to sponsor. Our trunk shows are the best place to meet women that want to be your next hosts, or join your team. Without trunk shows, it’s hard to build your business and your team. Below are the pictures you can use to send to friend for booking in April. Let me know if you need help or want to talk. You are going to have a fabulous April. I am here cheering you on and want to give you encouragement and support.Warmly,Shaina

(Most of you know all of the above and have this down. I wanted to send some reminders and share what I am doing if you are in a similar situation and want to book more shows. Let's have the best APRIL yet!)

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