Effects Everyone At Home And In Offices.

Damaging INDOOR RADIATION cannot be ignored or neglected.


Radiation is all around us. Radiation is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the materials used to build our homes. Brick and stone homes retain higher radiation levels than homes made of other materials such as wood.

Man-made sources of radiation from medical, commercial and industrial activities contribute more to our annual exposure.... in addition to what is generated from the earth and space around us and referred to as Radon.

Natural and man-made radiation may come from different sources, but both affect us in the same way.

We tend to think of the effects of radiation in terms of how it impacts living cells. For low levels of exposure, the biological effects are so small they may not be detected. The body is able to repair damage from radiation, chemicals and other hazards. Living cells exposed to radiation could: (1) repair themselves, leaving no damage; (2) die and be replaced, much like millions of body cells do every day; or (3) incorrectly repair themselves, resulting in a biophysical change.

The data on links between radiation exposure and cancer remains questioned?

The time between radiation exposure and the detection of cancer is known as the latent period. This period can be many years. It is often not possible to tell exactly what causes any cancer.

What really matters is that the current scenario of increased cancer cases and increased electrical, wifi and gadgetry use.... and changing lifestyles with 80% of our daily hours indoors within home and office. Health findings and health regulations assume any amount of radiation may pose some risk. The aim now is to minimize radiation risks within homes to families, in industries to workers and the public at large.

High radiation doses tend to kill cells. Low doses may damage or alter a cell’s genetic code (DNA). High doses can kill so many cells that tissues and organs are damaged immediately. This in turn may cause a rapid body response often called Acute Radiation Syndrome. The higher the radiation dose, the sooner the effects of radiation will appear, and the higher the probability of death.

Because radiation affects different people in different ways, it is not possible to say what dose is going to be fatal. However, experts believe that people would die over a period ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.... depending on radiation quantum. Cancer would be about five times more likely than a genetic effect. Genetic effects might include still births, congenital abnormalities, decreased birthweight, and infant and childhood mortality.

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