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News You Can Use - November 2018

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Important Dates

Nov. 27th 11:00 am Senior Cap & Gown Meeting

Dec. 7th - during lunches- Senior Cap & Gown Ordering

Dec. 7th - End of Mid-term 2

Dec. 24th - Winter Break begins!


We have a three-year trend of continued growth and fidelity of implementation. The school-wide systems fidelity rate has improved from 68% to 90% while classroom setting rate has gone from 63% to 90%. Individual understanding and application of systems for PBIS has gone from 49% to 81%. In addition, we have analyzed the data from the student and staff survey (SAS) and evaluated our current PBIS programming for the school year and we were very happy with the results though there is room for growth. In an effort to continually refine best practices we have started developing an action plan to address our deficiencies.

PBIS Students & Staff of the Month

Department & Extracurricular Information


Large Animal Science - Students just wrapped up their reproduction unit where we focused on the dairy industry. Some highlights were students learning how to pull a calf and identifying artificial insemination equipment! We now move on to the swine industry as an avenue to learn about health and disease transmissions, diagnosis, and treatment in animals!

Wildlife & Natural Resources - To wrap up our pollution unit this past week students spent about half an hour of their block battling land pollution as they cleaned up garbage around the high school campus. We spent several weeks diving into the different types of pollution and their effects on natural resources and wildlife. We now transition into learning about wildlife and wildlife management!

Landscape Design - The landscape class recently wrapped up learning about the composition and characteristics of soil and have now begun diving into the world of design! They completed some of their first designs that had to include the elements of design!


Drawing 1 & 2 classes finished their scratchboard projects and ballpoint pen drawings both are moving on to a composition based project.

Photography 1 & 2 students finished up a lighting unit and we are currently focused on a portraiture unit. Photography students had the opportunity to submit photos for a district greeting card. Out of the many fantastic images submitted J-Dynn Gracyalny’s image was selected to be featured. Congratulations J-Dynn! (pictured top right)

Advanced Art 1 and 2 students just finished up helping to paint flats for the musical “Hello Dolly” along with a batik unit and altered book project.

Drawing and Advanced Art classes are also working on a Design an Ad- Holiday Greeting for the Beloit Daily News. (see photos below)


The CHS Bands are busy preparing for the Holiday Concert which will be held on Monday, December 10, 2018 in the high school gymnasium. This is a joint concert including all middle school and high school bands. The middle school portion of the concert will begin at 6 pm and the high school portion will begin at approximately 7:15 pm. Please join us and celebrate the holiday season.

The band recently completed the annual pasty sale selling and making over 1,000 pasties. Thank you to all who supported band students and purchased pasty.

Members of the CHS Band recently honored American veterans by providing cadences and taps at 2 different Veterans Day programs. We are proud to continue this tradition of honoring our veterans.

Please stay up to date with CHS band events by liking us on Facebook- Clinton High School Band and Twitter Clinton_Band #GoClintonBand

Business & Marketing

DECA had another successful year of Trick or Canning! We collected 650 non-perishable items and donated it to the Clinton Food Pantry. Thank you to everyone who donated. (see photos below)

Business and Marketing students have been busy getting the hot drink service up and running for staff. Students just completed the Selling Unit and learned the seven steps of the sale. Students were expected to use the steps of the sale while selling the service to staff. Currently, the Cougar Cave serves 55 cups of hot drinks a week to our staff. The Cougar Cave officers take pride in our retail lab. Through the service, the students will focus on surveying staff for feedback and creating a relationship during this personal selling opportunity.

DECA District Career Development Conference is quickly approaching. 30 Clinton DECA students will be participating in the competition held at Sun Prairie High School on January 12. We are in need of people to help judge events that day. Volunteer judges assist in the professional growth of high school business and marketing students by conducting role plays with the students within specific event areas. Registration begins at 8:30 that day and judging will conclude by noon. If you can or know of someone that is willing to help judge that day please click the link to register. District DECA


English 9 students are gearing up to write their first summative informative essay. Students will choose from three unit theme and write body paragraphs that explain these themes using their Unit 1 novels. Our next unit will focus on political and social issues in Africa!


For November, the Foods 1 classes used pumpkins. Kitchen groups cut pumpkins in half and clean out the inside so it could be roasted. The seeds were also cleaned and toasted using savory or sweet recipes. The pumpkin shell was peeled off the roasted pumpkin and the pumpkin was pureed for pie and pumpkin bars. Besides pumpkin pie, students could choose apple or quiche. Slices of pie were shared with staff.

The Child Development is learning about baby’s first year including planning a Baby Party with ideas for food and games. We will have a celebration where we try out some of the food and game suggestions and eat cake!


The FFA students and advisor have been very busy this last month! At the end of October, Ms. Braukhoff and several students traveled to the 91st National FFA Convention and Expo to network and explore the agriculture industry. The highlight of the trip was seeing Clinton graduate, Ciera Ballmer, receive her American FFA Degree, the highest honor you can receive in FFA. On November 10th we also had a group of students travel to the 212 Leadership Conference in Stevens Point where students were able to network with students from around the state and develop their own leadership skills.

Looking forward we have a busy December! Fruit sale orders should arrive at Clinton HS on either December 3rd or 4th with pick-up being that evening. Ms. Braukhoff will send out the exact information when she receives it from the company. Fruit sale money will be due Tuesday, December 11th. On December 13th from 6:30-9: 00 pm the FFA chapter will be volunteering at the Rotary Gardens light show. There is a sign up in room 310 at the high school! The December meeting and holiday party will be held on Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 pm in the HS ag room. Middle schoolers are encouraged to attend this meeting as it is a joint meeting. Students can still join FFA! There are membership applications available on the door of room 310 at the HS or in room 42 at the MS. Contact with any questions!

(pictured above right: State FFA Officer Gaelan Combs visited all ag classes to develop leadership skills and discuss career opportunities in agriculture!)


CHS Book Club discussed the book, Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar on Thursday, November 1st in the LMC. Snacks and fun were had by all! We are currently looking ahead to our next book selection if there are any recommendations!


The AP Calculus students will be entering into the world of graph interpretation using calculus. They will be looking at how the original function graph, the derivative of the function graph and the 2nd derivative of the function graph relate to each other. They will also learn about the Mean Value Theorem and its applications to the real world.

PreCalculus students will be changing their focus away from complex number and more towards matrices. The main focus will be on how students can use matrices to depict transformations in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs.

Algebra 2 students are making connections from solving polynomials to the graph. They should also be able to identify the end behavior of a polynomial as well.

Geometry students are working on triangle congruences.

Algebra 1 students are solving equations and inequalities. They will soon be solving systems of equations.

The Clinton High School Math Team competed at the Madison Area Math League competition on October 17th, 2018. The competition was fierce. We didn’t have any individuals or teams place in the competition, but fun was had by all and they all gained experience for future competitions.

Above left photo: The math team mentally preparing for a competition.

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Phy Ed / Health

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an old Welsh proverb that most of us are familiar with, but what makes this fruit so special? What health benefits are associated with eating apples?

As one of the most cultivated and consumed fruits in the world, apples are continuously being praised as a "miracle food".In fact, apples were ranked first in Medical News Today's featured article about the top 10 healthy foods. Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. In the picture below students learned the benefits of a pomegranate and how to open one up.

School Counseling

Did you know that each student at Clinton High School has their own Academic and Career Planning account through Career Cruising? With the help of Career Cruising, every student can explore career interests, learn everything there is to learn about their careers, explore education options, find jobs and so much more!

Career Cruising offers a lot of other services to students and parents as they journey through High School. One of those services is Method Test Prep, which allows any student to take evaluation tests, lessons and quizzes, work on their vocabulary, take full-length ACT exams, and offers great printable resources. The Junior class specifically will be taking the ACT on campus February 20th, which means they still have a lot of time left to study for it. Overall, Method Test Prep is helpful for all students as the ACT Aspire is given to Freshmen and Sophomores, the PreACT and ACT are given to Juniors, and Seniors can prep for placement tests given for their post-secondary education, including the Military.

To access Method Test Prep, have your student sign into their Career Cruising account. You will see a link for Method Test Prep on the left-hand side of their dashboard. If you would like access to your student’s Career Cruising account please reach out to Shanae Woodward, the School Counselor. School Counselor Webpage


Chemistry continues to move forward with a heavy dose of kinetic energy while maintaining the amazing potential for even greater achievement. Of course, the Physics teachers may disagree with the breaking of scientific laws taking place in the above metaphor. In chemistry, we are busy exploring the interactions of elements and how their arrangement on the periodic table informs us about those interactions.

Physics has begun verifying Newton’s Laws of motion through experimentation followed by designing, executing, & evaluating their own experiments. Discussions that followed included: what quantities must be held constant, how do you vary the force systematically, what qualitative data must be recorded, what does the graphic representation of the data infer, and what might be done to minimize the sources of error associated with the experiment? Students discussed improvements to their design such as using the photogate timer or motion detector to have greater precision. Great lab. Great discussions.

Anatomy students have just completed the study of Histology and the Integumentary System. Successful identification of tissue slides, location, and function of those tissues in the human body was the goal for the class. We learned the role of the integumentary system homeostasis. The integumentary system is our first line of defense for the entrance of disease or injury to the body.

Twelve of our students will be going to the Global Health Institute at UW Madison, November 16, 2018. It should be a great day for students to interact with medical students and professionals. This opportunity is provided through a grant from AHEC Wisconsin Area Health Education Center System.

Social Studies

There was one huge change in freshman Global Studies classes in November - Mrs. Fisher returned from her maternity leave! Mr. Greer faded back into retirement, at least for a while. Classes are currently delving into European imperialism and its eventual leading to our current global set-up. Students are simulating the European powers of the late nineteenth century and are attending the Berlin Conference of 1876 that carved up Africa into spheres of influence and colonies to obtain the natural resources found there. Funny thing, no African leaders were invited.

World History students are finishing up putting Genghis Khan on trial for crimes against humanity. Students for the defense and those on the prosecuting side are showing not only their knowledge but their passion as the drama in the courtroom has been intense but respectful! In fact, students have been so fired up about the trial that there will be more in the future!

American Political Studies

Students at CHS were able to watch a political debate organized by Mr. Crivello’s political science class. Debating in front of a full house in the LMC, issues discussed were immigration, gun control, foreign relations and sexual harassment. Time was left at the end for student questions.


Students have been participating in the online $100,000 Stock Market Challenge. This was part of a unit on how the market operates.

US History, AP US History

The history classes have been studying the time period after the Revolutionary War including learning about Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Lewis and Clark among others from this era.

Tech Ed

Basic wood got a gracious donation of old sawn pieces of oak which will allow student to understand hardwoods and appreciate the grains in the wood which makes it unique.

Small gas engines received 4 new engines from Briggs and Stratton. These engines will help in troubleshooting issues. Welding class is continuing to work on skills and projects.

World Languages

Spanish 1 students have worked with personal descriptions, likes and dislikes along with the pertaining grammar. Also, students have been introduced to the basic -AR ending conjugations.

Spanish 2 students have covered the health unit. They have prepared dialogues and worked with grammatical structures. Most common verbs have been introduced and they have been assessed on the first part. Along with that, students are learning reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 3 students have been working on the preterite verbs and their irregular forms. They have created electronic poster boards that illustrate the activities they have performed in the past tense. Also, most common verbs have been introduced and they have been assessed on the first part. Students are practicing reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 4 students have been working with the direct and indirect object pronouns. They have demonstrated their understanding through a series of activities and presentations. They continue to practice the most common Spanish verbs and their conjugations.

Spanish 5 students are studying the differences between the preterite and imperfect tenses and practicing the use of the past through several activities. All Spanish classes have participated in the making of ‘papel picado’ and ‘calaveras’ as part of the ‘Dia de los muertos’ festivities.

Work-Based Learning

We celebrated National Apprenticeship Week November 12-18 by hosting an apprenticeship career panel. 8th-grade students came up to the high school for the first round of the panel and then our high school students and students from surrounding districts participated in the second round of the panel. Panelists were also available during lunch to talk to students about career opportunities pertaining to apprenticeships. Apprenticeship is post-secondary education where only a portion of skills are learned in a traditional classroom usually through the Wisconsin Technical College System. Apprentice receive training on-the-job while working for an employer who pays a good wage. The employment is the primary requirement for an apprenticeship. A paycheck, hands-on career training, an education, a career, and national industry certification are just a few benefits of taking part in an apprenticeship program.

The Youth Apprenticeship modernization project will include additional certificates as well as a seamless transition or bridge from Youth Apprenticeship to Registered Apprenticeship. Youth Apprenticeship has expanded rapidly over the past five years, reaching an all-time high in 2018 with over 4,300 students enrolled and over 3,000 employers participating across the state. At Clinton, we currently have 35 Youth Apprenticeship students participating in six different pathways. We have over 45 business partners in the community and surrounding communities that help make this possible. In 2018 100 students in Wisconsin entered a Registered Apprenticeship after completing their YA program. In most instances, those students accepted offers from the same employer that sponsored their Youth Apprenticeship. Over the past few years, we have had a handful of Youth Apprenticeship students offered employment after high school with the same employer they worked with through the Youth Apprenticeship Program. For more information on Youth Apprenticeship and other Work-based Learning opportunities visit Work-Based Learning Website.