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Special Edition: Welcome to Virtual Learning!

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A note of welcome and gratitude

On August 31st, 2020 we started what will surely be one of the most unusual years of our careers. We had our first day of school...but there were no children in the building! I cannot tell you how strange it was to be in our beautiful (and BIG) school without the sounds of laughing, happy, funny kiddos. Luckily, we were still able to connect with our students and their families through the blessing of technology. Our students were able to log into a new platform, Microsoft Teams, and experience their first dose of virtual learning. I am so thankful for every student, every parent, every grandparent, every aunt, every uncle, every cousin, every neighbor, and every friend who helped our students get onto their iPads and successfully log into their virtual classrooms. We know how frustrating the world of technology can be, but you did it! I am also so thankful for every teacher, every support staff member, every volunteer, and every community partner who made our first week of school possible. Did you know that we had over 20 people in the background at Patrick Henry making sure that everyone was logged into Teams and learning throughout the first week of school? That saying "it takes teamwork to make the dream work" might be a little cheesy, but it's never felt more true. I am so proud of and thankful for our stakeholders - you prioritized our children this week, and you made it possible for them to enter the virtual world of education. Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year, it is sure to be an adventure!

Week 1 Success Stories

How did we prepare for virtual learning?