The Winter Room by Christian Weaver

Gary Paulsen

Author Information

Gary Paulsen was born May 17th 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He published over 200 books, he is best known for coming of age stories about the wilderness. In 1997 he won the Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association.

The book "The Winter Room" was published in September 1989.

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The Winter Room is a Novel book.
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The setting

The setting of the book "The Winter Room" it's like if you were living back in the 1800's

Main Character

Uncle David is the main character of The Winter Room. The uncle takes care of his brothers 2 sons, while he is away

Main Conflict

Wayne and his brother have to visit their uncle David while their father is away. Wayne and his brother has to work on the farmer during the summer and winter. Wayne hates it working on the farm.


The Winter Room is about these 2 young boys, living with their uncle while their father is away for the winter season. The uncle makes the 2 young boys do all the yard work during the brutal winter in Minnesota.


The author makes the book feel like sorrow, how the boys have to work out in the cold doing all the farm work while the uncle is inside all warm and fuzzy.


In the beginning of the book, you start out in Winter in Minnesota, these 2 brothers are staying at their uncles place while their father is out working. The 2 brothers are being treated very poorly while the uncle is living like a king.
Middle of the book began around Spring/Summer. Each season has a different chapter of their life in the book.
End of the book began in Summer/Fall. The book begins to wrap up, as the story between the 2 boys living in the harsh environment of their uncles house. The boys had grown up and moved on.


Paulsen creates an evocative, sensory language to communicate the mood and rhythm of rural life as shaped by the seasons. The language employs several devices that accentuate sound and rhythm.


I would rate The Winter Room a 3, it was borderline good/bad