My Soundtrack

Kaia Erickson

My Genre

My genre is classical! It soothes me and makes me feel good. It also clears my head when I feel muddled.

Song 1: Für Elise

This song is by Ludwig Van Beethoven. He made great songs (like this one) even though he was deaf.

Nour Moukhtar

Ludwig Van Beethoven-- Fur Elise by Nour Moukhtar

Song 2: Paint it Black

This is the only rock song I've ever heard and liked.

Song 3: Colors of the wind

This song is a Disney movie song from Pocahontas. It is a very soothing song

Song 4: Beethoven's 5th symphony

I like this song because it is very suspenseful and makes me wait for more.


BEETHOVEN 5th Symphony, JSO Frederic Chaslin by chaslin

Song 5: Beethoven's 9th Symphony

This song is a bit like the 5th Symphony, but calmer.

Song 6: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

This song makes you feel a bit melancholy, but I still like it.


Ludwig Van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata- Piano Sonata No. 14 by Fearworks

Song 7:Poker Face: Eric Cartman

This is the funniest song I ever heard!

Song 8: Beethoven's 7th Symphony

This song also clears my head.