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How Droughts happen

A Drought can happen in any place on the planet, all it takes is very little or no precipitation at all for a drought to happen. The major thing that causes rain production is moisture moving along three dimensional zones of temperature and moisture contrasts known as Weather Fronts. If enough moisture moves upward, precipitaion starts to fall from convective clouds. In moutain area's it is possible that there can be more precipitaion than in places were ther arent moutains near by.

There are three types of Drought

Three types of droughts

there are three possible ways a drought can happen

1. Meteorological

A Meteorological drought happens when there is less than an average of precipitation. This kind of drought is the starter of other droughts.


The Agricultural kind of drought is the drought that harms the crop production and cattle. this too, is caused by no precipitation. This kind of drought can last for a long time

3. Hydrological

A Hydrological drought is the kind of drought that dries out the lakes, rivers, resevoirs etc... This type of drought tends to show up later than other ones because it involves water that is used but not replenished.This type of drought can be cause by more then lessened rainfall.

What Droughts can cause!

The 1936 Oklahoma Dustbowl

During the drought of the 1936 in Oklahoma , without anything to keep the soil in place, it dried up and blew away like dust creating the dust bowl, this is one of the many things that can happen when a drought is developed. Many people that were in it said it was "A terrifying experience". One man said that " As soon as you would hang your clothes up to dry and in a matter of minutes, they would be covered in dirt". An other said "If you looked up at the sky all you would see is black clouds from the dust". The Oklahoma Dustbowl reached cities as far away as New York City which is 22 hours away and Washington D.C which is 19 hours away and some other cities on the east side. The types of dustbowls that hit Oklahoma are best know for their names "Black Blizzard" or "Black Roller". Because of the blackness, with a naked eye you could only be able to see a few meters away from you or, at times there was no visibility of the outside at all. The Prairies, looked like a dessert at this time, the dusted soil turned into dunes and were burying people alive along with their houses. People couldn't breath without a wet cloth over their faces to keep the dust out.

Droughts 101

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