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Friday, March 24, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Corrected Module 5 tests have been returned. Please sign and return to school on Monday so I know you have looked over your child's work. On Monday, we began Module 6 and also started using the Chromebooks as part of our instruction. The kids are loving Zearn.org. This site isn't to be used at home, unless your child falls behind due to absences from class. All math students need to bring in a pair of earbuds or headphones to use with the Chromebooks. I've been told these (with the noise reduction option) can be purchased at Wal-Mart for about $5.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ The past two weeks we have been working on equivalency of fractions. The children learned how to use tape diagrams and area models to see how they can turn fractions into equal fractions. We then took it further to show them how they can find equivalent fractions using division and multiplication. We did touch base on how to simplify fractions by finding the greatest common factors. The children have done a great job with this concept. Moving forward we will be working on comparing and ordering fractions.

Mr. Lawton's Class ~ This unit is all about fractions, and how we can break them up to maintain equivalency. It is a tough unit, but they are doing well. I know the methods and presentation are not what we are used to, but there is a reasoning behind it. I encourage them to try as much as they can at home on the homework, I’d rather see attempts in any method than blank pages. One thing I can say for certain about this crew is they don’t usually give up. We are going to try to get through as much of this as we can before the math tests are here.

NYS ELA Logistics

  • The testing period begins at 9:00 sharp the mornings of March 28th, 29th, & 30th. Please be sure your child arrives to school on time.
  • The test is not timed; kids will have as long as they need
  • The PTSA will provide a snack for each child on each testing day. However, your child may want to pack an extra snack too!
  • Kids will be allowed to chew gum during the test. We have used up just about all of the gum that has been donated. Please plan to have your child well stocked for testing days.
  • A good, hearty breakfast on testing days is a really good idea too!
  • No need to worry about #2 pencils - we still have lots from the beginning of the school year.


Here is the design of the test:

Day 1 ~ 3/28 - On Tuesday, the kids will have 4 passages to read and 24 multiple choice questions to answer.

Day 2 ~ 3/29 ~ Wednesday's work will require a mix of reading and writing. There will be 3 passage to read, 7 multiple choice questions, 2 short response questions, and 1 extended response question. They'll be tired for sure!

Day 3 ~ 3/30 ~ The final day of testing will present with 3 passages for the kids to read, 5 short response questions and 1 extended response.

We have been preparing for this since the first day of school. The short response questions are the times when the kids need to provide a claim (inference) and then support it with 2 details from the text. The tricky part to the short answer is that they won't ask for the claim in the directions......yet they will be scored on it!

The PAWS work has prepared the kids well for the extended response. They know they need an introduction, answer the questions in the body paragraphs and end with a conclusion. Using the transitional phrases like "for example" and "in the text it says" will push them to provide examples from the text to support their answers.


There will not be a PAWS assignment for the upcoming week.

Music News

Instruments will need to come to school on Tuesday for band/orchestra and on Wednesday for lessons. Chorus will meet on Monday and Friday of next week.

Picture Book Friday

Holly did a great job reading The Country Bunny! Jack F. is on for the last Friday in March!
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Yearbook Orders......Last Chance!

Your child has a yearbook order form in his/her Friday folder if you didn't order one in the fall.