Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Book Review

I didn't mean for anyone to die!

The setting took place at Garvin County high school. The main characters are Valerie Leftman and Nick Levil. Valerie and Nick are in a relationship and one day after school they started making a list of everyone they didn't like or hated. That list caused a lot of problems. One morning in the Commons also known as the cafeteria Nick walked in and saw Jessica Campbell she was on the hate list and he took out his gun and shot at her but Valerie jumped in front of her and took the bullet.

I couldn't relate to any of the characters in the story. Also I've never been in that type of situation. I have felt some things that the characters did like Valerie she lost a lot of friends. My favorite part of the book is when Valerie back to school ans she started talking to her old friends. My least favorite is when Nick was killing so many people. And I would recommend this book to another person because it's really interesting and you don't get bored with this book. I think the people that would like this book is someone who likes school drama and a lot of shooting going on.

Maya Moore

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