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How do Hurricanes Form?

Hurricanes form over the coastline of a ocean. First hurricanes start out as a tropical storm. Then the hurricane starts to form. The hurricane last for over a week. The hurricane travels at least five states. Then a new wave from the hurricane starts. Finally after the wave the hurricane is over

When and Where do Hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes occur on the coastline of a ocean. They travel through a lot of the oceans. Hurricanes usually occur in warm seasons. They are most likely to occur during the summer. Hurricanes happen a lot in the summer because it's very moist.
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How do Hurricanes create damage?

The winds in the hurricane rip down trees, brings down cites which brings down power lines which cause fires. Hurricanes can cause floods because the water in the hurricane can cover lots of land.

How are Hurricanes dangerous

Hurricanes are dangerous because they travel for over a week and can cover a whole state. The dangerous hurricanes can have winds up to 200 mph. Hurricanes are dangerous because they take down houses. Finally after the hurricane the city is flooded in water
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