What Are Custom Medications?

AUM Custom Compound Medications

Custom Compound Medications

Custom compound medications are medications that are developed to fit all of an individual's needs. To ensure all needs are met, a multimedication approach is typically used to expedite relief and healing. This means that multiple drug types can be combined into one treatment to best alleviate the ailment. The amount of each component can be modified based on personal tolerance and needs.

Benefits of Custom Compound Medications

Targets sight of the ailment directly
-Absorption is directed near the sight

Custom integration of treatment creates an all-in-one solution
-Includes drugs that have multiple mechanisms for relief

Reduces neurological effects of medications
-Reduces addiction
-Reduces unfavorable side affects

Decreases Gastrointestinal (GI) effects
-Risk of liver damage is reduced

Minimizes drug-drug interactions

Patient specific needs can be met

AUM Compounding Includes