True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Girl changes from elegant to a ship mate

The Beginning of a life changing adventure

Charlotte Doyle is a young lady. She was sent to a very expensive school just for girls to learn to become proper. When Charlotte was ready to leave England and go back to her home on a ship with two families, but something showed up and they couldn't make it. Something happened and it changed her life forever.

A Happy Ending?

Charlotte went to jail because she was accused of killing the first mate, and Zachariah was down there with her. They made a plan to kill the captin and prove Carlotte was inocent. Charlotte was going to be hanged in less than 24 hours so they had to act fast. Captin Jaggery found out about their plan and was going to get back at them. The captin was running after Charlotte with a gun and was trying to kill her.She came to a railing moved to the side and Jaggery fell in the sea.

Home at last

When Seahawk finally arrived to it's destination Charlotte couldn't wait to see her family but she also didn't want to live her perfect life again in tight clothes. When she got home she told one of her maids to get a newspaper for her each day, so Charlotte can sneak out to go to the Seahawk. That happened and all was good.