Good-Bye Pain

What is child abuse?

When you hear the term child abuse what do you think of? Most of us think of a child getting beat by their parents. The truth is there are 5 different types of child abuse; physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and neglect. A child can be abused by anyone not just their parents. They can be abused by other family members, teachers, or students, any who is a peer to them.

What causes child abuse?

There are many causes of child abuse. Alcohol and drugs play major factors in many child abuse cases. Parents with anger problems need someone to take their anger out on. The child grows up thinking it's their fault when it never is. No matter how mad a child makes their parents, they should never be hit or abused in anyway. Parents that have problems that they can't handle need someone to blame and that's usually the child.

About our walkathon...

Our walk travels all over the country. When you sign up for our walkathon you will receive a donation paper. You have people sign the paper and ask them how much they are willing to donate per mile. If someone says they will donate 10 dollars per mile you walk and you walk 10 miles they are to give you 100 dollars and you are to put the money in a special envelope you receive at the end of the walk and then turn it into one of our specialized drop off areas. All the money made goes to different foundations and agencies that help stop child abuse and take kids from abusive homes.