Middle Ages

Javier Luna

Feudal system

(Ranked from Highest to Lowest)

Kings and Queens- Ruled all of the land and were ranked of the highest of the Feudal system but kings were seen as the most important

Nobles/Lords-These set of people were to inherit the trait of a king and were ranked just below the kings and Queens

Knights- These people worked to protect the Kings and Queens in exchange for land and/or money and had little just about no power

Peasants- Worked on plantations on the Lords land


Became a page at the age of 7 and also learned crave meat, serve meals, and run errands. At age 14 they then became a squire while hey also learned how to ride a horse, hunt, wrestle, and use weapons such as: lance, sword, mace, or longbow. If skills were approved they would become a knight at the age of 18


In battle, there were several types of soldiers such as: foot soldiers, archers, pike-men, and also Knights. Knights were brought up differently because of their choice to devoting their life into becoming where as others didn't. In the battlefield, soldiers had their own sort of weapon to utilize during combat. Foot soldiers used swords/spears/ daggers, Archers used longbows and crossbows, and Pike-men used spear like weapons called Pikes

The Roman Catholic Church

The only known church at the time was the Roman Catholic Church. Peasants worked for free on the land of the church and would usually pay with items rather than money because they were low on money.People of the church were: The pope, archbishop, Bishop, Deacon, and priest. While popes focused mainly on religious conflicts they would wind up in conflict with the kings. The main conflict was wither the pope had the right to choose the religious officials.

Cause and Effects



-Saw crusades as a way to serve god and become wealthy

-No land so they attacked other land


-fighting between the religion (Christianity)

-Muslim conquer the weakening Byzantine Empire

-Bad Blood between Muslims and Christians


Causes- The plague is found in many rodents, Rats, and fleas that are infected with a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis.

Symptoms- in the matter of 3-7 days you begin to have flu-like symptoms like fever, headaches,weakness, and chills

Transmission- Usually by bite of a listed cause above or and but due to the situation this can be transmitted through touching a contaminated item through an opened wound