A Peek at Our Week

September 14-18, 2015

Language Arts

RF1.3, RF1.4, R.L. 1.1, RL1.2, RL1.3, L1.4, W1.3,W1.5, W1.6, W1.8,L1.1, and L1.2)

We will introduce the letter sounds /x/, /e/, /ed/, /d/, /t/ and /ea/. We will read “A Tall, Tall Wall”, “All On the Map”, and “Roads” in our hardback reader. Our reading strategy this week will focus on the beginning, middle, and end of a story (retelling). This month we will be focusing on making connections as our school wide reading strategy.

Our vocabulary words are commotion, locate, overflowing, search, muffle, and symbol. (The vocabulary words will not be tested individually.) In writing we will focus on writing using tools to help us spell. We will also focus on using capital letters and periods in our writing.

Spelling Words














(NBT1, OA1, OA3, OA4, OA1, OA5, OA6, OA7, and OA8)

Students will work on understanding the meaning of the equal sign and practice the commutative property. We will also solve both addition and subtraction word problems in our math journal .

Help us use the phrase, "is the same as" when referring to the equal sign. So you might say,

4+2 is the same as 6. ( 4+2=6)

We are using the term equals and the phrase "is the same as" interchangeably.


We will continue with our plant module.

Lunch reservations

Both classes have lunch from 11:50-12:20

Book Fair at Paine Primary

Welcome to Monster Book Fair – where you can Devour a Good Book! Celebrate the love of books with us during the Fall Scholastic Book Fair during the week of September 21st. We will have Family Shopping Nights on Tuesday and Thursday of that week from 3pm – 7pm. Stay tuned for our class’ shopping days and times… The book fair letter and flier will be coming home soon!

School Events

9/15/14—Fall Pictures

9/21-25/14—Fall Book Fair

10/16/14—Friday Freeze

10/12/14—School is closed for Columbus Day

10/22/14—50th Day of School

Attendance Information


Each student is allowed 6 parent excuses per year (this is a change from years past). Parent excuses can be a hand written note or you may email the excuse to your child’s teacher and copy the excuse to: PPattendance@trussvillecityschools.com.

An ORIGINAL doctor’s excuse may be turned in from the parent by the student. Doctor’s excuses may be faxed to 205-228-3201 ONLY by the doctor’s office. We can NOT accept a faxed doctor’s excuse from a parent.

All excuses MUST be turned in within 3 days of the absence.