Middle School the Worst Years of my

Life By: James Patterson

Theme: Never give up on life no matter how challenging things can be. When Leo gave Rafe three lives they didn't know if he would make it to the end of year or not. Rafe was determined to keep all his lives to the end of the year.

Main Characters

Rafe intends to break every school rule by the end of the year. The first school rule he broke was pulling the fire alarm and he continues to break the rules through out his 6th grade year in middle school.

Leo was Rafe's imaginary friend that gave him points for breaking rules. He gave Rafe 35000 points for destroying school property and continued to give Rafe points as encouragement to be bad. He is hoping that Rafe earns one million points by the end of his 6th grade year of middle school.

Bear was Rafe's future dad and he doesn't like him at all. He certainly doesn't want his mom to marry Bear because he doesn't agree with his lifestyle of not working and laying around the house all day.

Point of View

In this story they used terms like us, we, I, my and me. This story was written in 1st person. For example the author wrote they herded us into the gym and sat us down on the bleachers. He also wrote: So there I was, minding my own business and stealing a few six-packs of Zoom out of the garage, when guess who came walking up on her silent little feet to spy on me? Those are good examples that show the book was written in first person.

Figurative Language

A metaphor used in the story was: She was a dragon slithering through the halls

It was an important metaphor because it shows she is evil in Rafe's eyes.