The Odyssey Books 3-8

By: Danae, Grayson, and Zach

Telemachus Visits Pylos

When Telemachus and Athena arrive at Pylos, the people are sacrificing bulls to Poseidon. While they are feasting, Telemachus gets everyone's attention. He tries to talk to them to find information about his father and speak to Nestor. Nestor tells Telemachus that they were sacrificing to Poseidon so he would let Odysseus go and they were waiting for him to arrive. Nestor sends Telemachus to Sparta so he can talk to Menelaus and find more information on Odysseus.

Telemachus Talks to Menelaus

When Telemachus and Athena arrive in Sparta, Menelaus welcomes them and treats them with great respect. Menelaus talks very highly of his father and explained how Odysseus was a great warrior. When Menelaus actually figures out he is talking to Odysseus's son and Athena, he tells them that Odysseus is trapped on Calypso's island and the suitors are planning for an ambush when they return to Ithaca. "Thus spoke Menelaus, and the heart of Telemachus yearned as he thought of his father. Tears fell from his eyes as he heard thus mentioned, so that he held his cloak before his face with both hands." (Homer, pg. 24)

Odysseus leaves Calypso's Island

Hermes is sent to go get Odysseus from Calypso's island. Calypso doesn’t have a choice in letting Odysseus go because Zeus orders her to. Calypso gives up Odysseus, but he has to build a raft on his own. Odysseus begins to sail the sea, but Poseidon won’t give him up that easy. He creates a storm that destroys the raft. From the help of Athena and a sea nymph, he ends up on the shore of Scheria. He hides and then falls asleep.

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“Hermes, you are our messenger, go therefore and tell Calypso we have decreed that poor Odysseus is to return home." (Homer pg. 34)

Odysseus Meets the Phaeacians

When Odysseus awakes from his sleep, he meets the princess of Phaecia. He explains to her what has happened and that he needs to speak with the king and queen. Odysseus is disguised as someone else so that he won't be attacked when he travels through the town. The princess goes first and then Odysseus follows a little later.

The king and queen welcome him in to their kingdom and feed him and make sure is comfortable before questioning him.


Hospitality is expressed many times in books 3-8 because Odysseus and Athena visit many different people in many different places. Nestor and Menelaus feed Odysseus and Athena and comfort them when they visit Pylos and Sparta. The king and queen of Phaecia also welcome them in before they do anything else. "When the servants had washed them and anointed them with oil, they brought them woollen cloaks and shirts, and the two took their seats by the side of Menelaus. A maid-servant brought them water in a beautiful golden ewer, and poured it into a silver basin for them to wash their hands; and she drew a clean table beside them. An upper servant brought them bread, and offered them many good things of what there was in the house, while the carver fetched them plates of all manner of meats and set cups of gold by their side." (Homer pg. 23)