"GENIUS" Ramps It Up!

Nightly science and botanical retinoid product


Supercharge your skincare regimen with results. It's safe for all skin types...teens and adults...men and women! GENIUS is a nightly resurfacing pad used after washing with any of Arbonne's skincare lines. Then all you do is continue with your nightly routine.

  • GENIUS contains a 60-day supply of nightly resurfacing pads
  • Retail value is $95

You can receive GENIUS in August before it launches this fall:

  • 50% off - Host an event for me in August!


  • Get 35% off if you're a Preferred Client


This new botanical retinoid product is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin moisture, firmness and elasticity in just 2 weeks.*

GENIUS: science & botanical proprietary retinoid blend that

  • reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and dark spots
  • prevents acne breakouts and acne scars, especially cystic acne
  • provides the appearance of smooth, even-toned skin texture
  • shows significant improvement in skin clarity and blotchiness

Dermatologists often prescribe retinoids for skin rejuvenation. Arbonne GENIUS gives you the same results without the hassle of getting to a dermatologist or filling a costly prescription.

GENIUS is a Science and Botanical Complex

Arbonne proprietary high-performance complex Phytinol combines two botanical extract for synergistic effects:

  • Alfalfa Extract - botainical "retinoid like" activity to help fight the visible signs of aging caused by slowdown in collagen and elastin production
  • Chicory Extract - botanical "Vitamin D-like" properties to help stimulate cell differentiation for proper skin barrier protection, recovery and integrity

Additional botanicals

  • Bakuchiol for "retinol-like" effect
  • Ginger Extract to calm the skin

Allergy and dermatologist-tested

Shannon Goad, District Manager with Arbonne International

My mission each day is to duplicate the 35-year-old vision of Arbonne's founder Petter Mork -- share pure, safe and beneficial personal care products with everyone I meet and create an opportunity for more women and men to become financially independent and successful.