Hernando de Soto

Hernando's Life

Hernando's Childhood

Hernando de Soto was born in Spain, during the 1500s. " Thus, I have always dreamed of being famous and rich, since I was a little boy. I wished to have adventures, like other admirable explorers. Here I am now, with my crew" The famous, Hernando de Soto proudly exclaimed. Reporter, Emma Lau, traveled back in time to 1530, and was now interviewing de Soto. Hernando was standing in front of his mighty ship while his men loaded the ship with livestock that included horses, mules, pigs and many more. " I must complete the journey for Spain." Even though some people thought that attacking Native tribes was not right, Hernando was proud that he was able to accomplish that task of raiding many Native American tribes for Spain.

Not So Lucky Discovery

Mississippi Arival

"Since May, we have been traveling through Illinois. And now we have wasted our journey by reaching this despicable river!" John Menadoa, one of Hernando's men angrily snarled. Reporter, Emma Lau, exclaimed that she saw a beautiful river, surrounded by hostile Native Americans. The crew did not realize that they had discovered such an important and special waterway. " Now we will have to spend months, building rafts to get across the river!!" Hernando de Soto disapprovingly frowned. That was exactly what the crew did.

Journeys Through America

After, traveling back into the modern times, Emma Lau reports that Hernando told her about all of his journeys. Hernando de Soto traveled to Panama, the Yucatan Peninsula, Kentucky, Peru, Georgia, South Carolina, Cuba and many more. " Don't forget Michigan," Emma Lau added, " That's where he found the famous lake : Lake Michigan!"