Sail Around The World

Wyatt O'Leary & Ashlyn McIntosh

Getting to Know the Captain

Captain Magellan enjoys long walks on the beach with his companion, Captain Magelly the dog. Captain Magellan also is compassionate to his crew and is willing to pay very generously depending on how hard you work. He also hate Luke Bryan so you guys are in luck, no Bro Kuntry on the ship and all who try to sing any Bro Kuntry songs will be forced to walk the plank. He is originally from Portugal.


Sunday, Aug. 10th 1519 at 8:30pm

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain

The boat will be leaving the dock at 9:00 am, don't be late, it would be liked if you were to show up at 8:30 am. to help load cargo and supplies onboard.

More Information

We will be headed west around the world heading for the Philippines. Expect warm weather on most of the adventurous voyage, but be sure to pack a jacket just in case, it does get a little nippy out in the middle of the ocean. You will be payed at the rate that we work and what we are able to bring back to Europe, no work- no pay. You can expect the voyage to last up to 3 years.