Cordata Weekly Bulletin


Good Monday morning, Cordata!

The fun and the learning keep right on going through the last week of school. Take a look at what was happening around Cordata last week. Clockwise from top left:

  • a 4th grade recorder concert for buddies in the garden
  • Ludwig van Beethoven visits 3rd grade
  • staff teaching our students about safely walking to and from school
  • teamwork and puzzles in kindergarten
  • a glimpse of the secret pal reveal
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The week ahead - 6/17 - 6/20

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Celebrate the community and the relationships you've built all year! You've all dedicated significant time and attention this year to social emotional learning, and that is invaluable to your students as they grow and learn!

Upcoming Dates

  • June 17 - Please take barcoded items to the library if you are moving or changing grade levels
  • June 18 - All staff library materials due
  • June 19 - All student laptops to library (with chargers)
  • June 19 - Field Day
  • June 20 - last day of school - assembly at 8:45 followed by all-school recess and yearbook signing
  • June 20 - Last day of school, and All Staff CELEBRATION at Dan's house! (Thanks, Dan, for hosting our crew for a potluck!)
  • June 20 - All old staff laptops to the library (with chargers)
  • June 21 - All "shinies" (new staff laptops) to the library (without stylus and charger) for summer upgrade unless you did an early upgrade or are planning to take your shiny to the district office for upgrade yourself this summer.

Other News and Information

  • Laura will be putting an end-of-year checklist in teacher's mailboxes this week. Please make sure you've checked everything off and returned the form to Laura before you leave at the end of the week! This includes leaving your summer contact info on this form. Thank you for all of the extra details that you are paying attention to in order to leave classrooms, offices, and other spaces ready for summer cleaning!

  • Report card grades and comments are due by 4 pm on June 24. If you are finished before that time, please email MInh and Analisa to let us know. As always, we will be reviewing report cards before they are printed and mailed. If you finish your report cards after the last day of school, please make sure that we know how to get ahold of you in case there are any final edits that need to be made.

  • Don't forget that your shiny laptops need to be updated over the summer, and all other laptops need to be returned to Susan in the library this week. See the upcoming dates list for more details.

  • Here's what to expect on our last-day assembly:
    1. Welcome, get settled and flag salute
    2. song - You Can Count On Me
    3. End of year slide show
    4. Honoring our 5th graders - a few words, and the 5th graders' baby pic slide show
    5. Fifth Graders will then be called to the stage in order. Graham, LInda, Analisa, Minh, and Dan will be up there to greet them. We will not have all staff line up, BUT if you feel especially connected to this cohort, you may join us up front. After all 5th graders are sitting on the front of the stage, we'll call teachers to form a tunnel down the middle aisle, and we'll cheer our 5th graders out through the tunnel, through the gym, and out to recess.
    6. Analisa will dismiss everyone else to recess. Please hand out yearbooks and pens/pencils at that time.

Thank you, Cordata family! I am a better educator for having worked with all of you! Have a wonderful summer!

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